Far Cry 4 Runs at 1400x1080 on Xbox One?

Luckily for those who care about these sort of things, it looks like we might now have an answer for what Far Cry 4 runs at on Xbox One.

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ValKilmer2437d ago

Wow, I was hoping this one would be native 1080p. Has there been a third party Xbox One game in native 1080p/60fps yet?

Rimeskeem2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )



Yah, i found that out

nicksetzer12437d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Honestly, who cares? It looks pretty much identical. The fact that the dev has to be the one who states that is proof enough. Look at killzone, it was running at HALF of full hd and noone noticed. Apparently people only see it when it suits their argument though.

Most ironic is, if the highest res and framerate on 3rd party games is your goal, buy a PC. People this gen are total imbeciles who clearly have ti justify their purchase. I have both, both are great, both also have plenty of room for improvements, not once though have I had an issue with either because a minor res difference....

Even more distatsteful is that they are using random people in a forum as "proof." The photos they could be "analyzing" may not be direct capture and or may be affected by formating. Especially considering their methods are the most primative form of pixel counting in the world. (Which is already skewed by the fact xb1 upscales) Or may just be false photos altogether. This whole resolution thing this gen is seriously moronic.

I think we all get it, the PS4 has a better GPU (better apu) and GPGPU (thanks to GDDR5) and the xb1 has a faster clock in their CPU. In the wash obviously the PS4 will push more pixels, but as minimal as the differences have been (especially compared to the PC counterparts) it is seriously pointless how far this argument is taken.

@jmac execept the way I spelled it is correct. The way you spelled it (imbaciles) is not... how can you try to correct someones spelling without even checking your own facts?

Your need to nitpick is sad, rather than respond to my comment you try to find one error (there are plenty as I am typing on my phone) but pick something that was already correct?

gfk3422436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Could someone tell me when Far Cry 4 was released? Why we found out only now? Digital Foundry published the performance analysis of the PS4 version 1 week ago and nothing about the X1 version? Why?

I am inclined to believe that Microsoft paid journalists (including Digital Foundry) to keep their mouth shut with respect to the performance/ resolution of Far Cry 4 on X1.

Shame on those journalists that bend towards Microsoft! Shame on Microsoft for their policy of making business. And this would not be the only time when they paid someone! There are a lot of proofs that Microsoft paid youtubers, reviewers and third party developers just to be "competitive" in the gaming industry!


decrypt2436d ago

Lol why are people complaining. 1080p never was a target for consoles.

Console makers know:

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

creeping judas2436d ago

@gfk Is the tinfoil starting to chafe yet?

PONTIAC08G8GT2436d ago

I really hope that for the next 8-10 years we can have articles like this for every game released. It never gets old. Every game over analyzed. Digital Foundry is the worst of the all. "In this cut scene, the X1 frame rate drops to 29 FPS but the PS4 is stable at 30." Mass hysteria can now begin.

Or, "X1 runs at 1079p while the PS4 is 1080p." The grass is much more dense and you can see more cracks in the street.

Double Toasted2436d ago

Just like last gen, didn't people say that Sony's console was uber-more powerful? Again, shouldn't the Sony console be blowing the MS console out the water by a very large margin? Its not happening this gen and it definitely wasn't happening last gen. And the muppets for Sony's console seem to sweep under the rug the fact that MS's console performs better, lol. I have enough bubbles to engage in your excuses...oops, I mean rhetoric.

jmac532436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

@nicksetzer Sorry, calling people "imbaciles" on the internet doesn't really work when you can't spell correctly.

kurruptor2436d ago


Sony did blow MS out of the water last year with first party graphics. You won't ever see the difference with third party
Wait until UC4.

xHeavYx2436d ago

One console, the one that happens to be more powerful, does target native 1080p for many games.

Pogmathoin2436d ago

One console happens to be more powerful... No shlt.... Really? Now I know why you have so many bubbles...just say what is popular, do not think you have said anything new in 18 months....

GameNameFame2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


stop spreading false info.

KZ is rendered in full HD. MP was 1080p image with 1080i frame rates,

Jeez is that what Xbox fanboys tell themselves now days?

@Double toasted.

Lol. Is that why Xbox games can't do full HD. Lower graphics. Lower frame rates in general?

nicksetzer12436d ago

@gamefame The only one spreading lies would be you. The image in each frame is 960x1080 and is scaled using temporal reprojection. This is basically just a fancy way of saying 1080i.

GameNameFame2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


Are you delusional? Each frame is 1080p. And 960 x1080 are updated or refreshed. While other 960x1080 stay as is. Lolol. Frame buffer is not frame.

Result is full 1080 resolution on each frame still, but only half updated.

Lol typical x1 fanboy so desperate to believe dumb stuff. Then again you believed all that secret sauce.

From digital foundry. Can't run from facts bro.
"Now, there are some mitigating factors here. Shadow Fall uses a horizontal interlace, with every other column of pixels generated using a temporal upscale - in effect, information from previously rendered frames is used to plug the gaps. "

nicksetzer12436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

@game each frame has 960x1080 new pixels and 960x1080 pixels are reused from the last draw. (Sometimes even older than that) That is how 1080i works....

In case you are wondering that means there are 960x1080 pixel each frame, just because the horizontal spaces are filled with old data doesn't mean that it is 1080p.

Sadly you think that 1080p and 1080i are the same. Most people actually prefer 720p to 1080i as 720p isn't using old data. (which may not even match the current frame)

Regardless each frame produces 960x1080 pixels, not sure how you don't understand that. And it CERTAINLY is not 1080p, which you seem to think is a resolution. 1080p means the field is scanned progressively (1 pass) and each frame contains 1080x1920 pixels of new data.

Also, I said:
The image in each frame is 960x1080 and is scaled using temporal reprojection.

DF said:
Shadow Fall uses a horizontal interlace, with every other column of pixels generated using a temporal upscale

In case you were wondering that is the exact same thing...

GameNameFame2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Dude. Lol are xbox fanboys this delusional?

This is from Digital Foundry who are the guys who found this.

""Now, there are some mitigating factors here. Shadow Fall uses a horizontal interlace, with every other column of pixels generated using a temporal upscale - in effect, information from previously rendered frames is used to plug the gaps. "

Read the last sentence.

Lolol. Sorry to burst your delusional bubble. Still rendered at final1080p, but only half the resolution is updated.

I love how you left out other half of sentence of DF quote. You must be desperate as we'll. hahahaha. Pretty pathetic.

Ju2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

@nick...just no. Each 960 "column" is calculated perspectively correct in a 16.6ms window and then composed into a 1920 frame which result in the exact same amount of pixel information as a 1920x1080 frame at 33.3ms (30fps). The "interpolation" results from the fact, that the perspective might change within 16ms and the difference is filtered. That motion is obviously very small. All this really does, is allow the game to process input (or update states) in 16.6ms while it actually renders (refreshes) in 33.3ms. Basically it's a 30fps game with the responsiveness of a 60fps game. It sure doesn't loose anything, but gains quite a lot. You get a full HD resolution with the responsiveness of a 60fps game. I'd rather think this is quite an achievement rather than "oh but it runs sub HD, and dips below 30"'s quite the opposite. It never dips and gives you twice the input response.

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ziggurcat2437d ago

it's not native 1080p all the way through. cutscenes are at a lower resolution.

slasaru012437d ago

Sorry, this is for ziggurat, just my bubbles are low. WF has also changing resolution on PS4.

dantesparda2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


Wolfenstein dropped more frequently to both a lower res (960x1080) and lower framerate on the X1. The Ps4 dropped to 1760x1080 by comparison.

And I love how you fanboys act like res don't matter, yet are in a article about the X1 version having lower res on a game (again, for the 100th time) and whining about it. If you fanboys really didn't care then you wouldn't be saying anything. The truth is youse cant stand the fact that the PS4 version is the superior version again and are obviously mad about it and making every excuse in the book.

getrektedmate2437d ago

Outlast, sniper elite 3 and minecraft also say hi

livedeht2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Lmfao @ minecraft, outlast and sniper elite (which is 900p and runs like crap!)

Metallox2437d ago

Not really the best example, it's 1080p on last gen as well.

Unspoken2436d ago

That makes it the perfect example. Let me know when the PS4 can do 1440p or 2160p at 60 fps.

NuggetsOfGod2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

To sony fanboys who will be here inevitably.
MgsV will have extra lighting and rocks In this demo running 1920x1200pand u cant enjoy ur version.

both consoles are on a 30fps standard. Both are nothing to write home about even with extra grass.

Just enjoy good games.

To ps4 fanboys mgsv will have extra rocks on pc..

Resent ur console now. Ok go...

I am sure this game is great on xbox and ps4 minus the bugs every game has.

Don't let the katz hats put u guys down.

Getting this on pc.

voodoopickle2437d ago

WTF are you talking about? Why are you even talking? this has nothing to do with anything ever. Plus that's MGSV Ground Zeros, which after being out for quite some time on the PS4 now is being put on pc. That's great, good for them and their extra rocks. but thanks for bringing it up I guess?

Ezz20132437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Last gen :
"Hahaha Mafia 2 have more grass on xbox360...Xbox360 for da win"
"Hahaha GTA4 at higher res on xbox360...Xboxwon"
"RDR have more grass on xbox360...Ps3 sucks"

but now this gen ...Graphics don't matter
just because Ps4 run Multiplat games at higher res and look better too with more stable framerate
It's all about "FUN" ...right?RIGHT?!

the double standards you fanboys keep show this gen is just off the chart

OculusRift2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )


Not going to take your fanboy bait, but I'm going to let you in on something.. There is no difference between the two images you just linked. All I see is that one just has more lights on.. I don't see anything else.(I used a well calibrated 1080p monitor.) Am I missing something?

Also another thing.. Why do PC fanboys keep comparing themselves to consoles? A PC by definition can never ever be a console.. There is no race between PC and console these are two different leagues. So if PC gaming is so great, why must you come into a console oriented article and boast that you're somehow "better".. is there something you're trying to make up for? People like you are the reason why I play mostly PC exclusive games by myself, and never tell anyone I play some games on the computer.

GamePeace2437d ago

Yes, you will get more rocks on a series that has sold it's soul long ago, Metal Gear Solid on PC. But as PS-fan I will get Bloodborne with extra rocks AND a soul to offer, my dear. Hahahahahahaha

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tinynuggins2437d ago

And yet, nobody noticed. .

Perjoss2437d ago

"Has there been a third party Xbox One game in native 1080p/60fps yet?"

And this is mainly why I will be using my One for just playing exclusives while using the PS4 and PC for playing pretty much everything else, its kind of sad considering the 360 was my main machine last gen.

HOLDERofFOOD2437d ago

I thought of one I thought of one!!! Diablo 3!!!

yungcodyne2436d ago

Of course it does. Diablo isn't a demanding game. There would actually be a proble if it didn't.

HOLDERofFOOD2436d ago

I yungcodyne, idk if you followed the story, bit it almost actually didn't. I can't recal if it was 30fps 1080p or 60fps 900p or whatever, but they weren't reaching 60fps 1080p so Microsoft said it wasn't acceptable and sent some of their own people to work on it and make it happen (which they did).

larrysdirtydrawss2436d ago

there's no way this game was reaching that on the one(or ps4),that is way too taxing

OCEANGROWNKUSH2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

For all you "build a PC guys" i built one and i never play it, ever... Its quite nice for photo/video editing and music though so not a complete waste.

Im going to be completely honest... PC gaming is just not fun to me, i dont want to play modern games by myself, and i dont know anybody who plays on PC so theres that... The only thing its good for IMO is racing simulation, and early builds of Project Cars, other than that its useless to me for gaming, and im sure MANY share my sentiment.

OculusRift2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Bruh, are you me? That's exactly how I feel, bro. The expensive parts that offer no real upgrade from last year or year before that and toxic community are more reasons why I don't like It either. Aside from trying a game I want to buy on my PS4 from TPB, sending emails and just browsing the Web it honestly servers no real purpose to me. My phone can already do 2 out of those 3 just fine for me.

GeraltofRivia2436d ago

What do you expect from 7 year old rebranded small form gaming pc(xbox one)? Running at 1080p at 60fps will most likely continue to be rare with the Xbox One.

TAURUS-5552436d ago

poor xbox1 users..they get ripped off all the time

Dizzydrifter12436d ago

Didn't Sony include an ear bud as its headset lol talk abou being ripped off. I'm 100% happy with my Xbox 360's and Xbox one. Oh yeah psn sucks.

Spid3r62436d ago

Frame rate is King....I feel sorry for PS4 fanboys they have to stick to 1080P no matter what, even if gameplay takes a hit. After seeing that Xbox was able to jump from 720 to now 900 and 1080P I am no longer worried about Resolution...People cant tell the difference until Digital Foundry tells you.

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76erz242437d ago

When's the time gonna come when we're past this?

Scatpants2437d ago

I agree. People need to be aware that these are not all that powerful systems and just take what they can get instead of all this complaining and statistical dick waiving.

Ezz20132437d ago

but with most games Ps4 have no problem running them at 1080p

Scatpants2437d ago

Yeah most do, but as soon as one doesn't it's like the end of the world. Look at AssCreed Unity. I've never seen so many crybabies in my life.

Ezz20132437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

yeah i agree
but you have to remember it was all Ubisoft fault
for aim for parity

it made a complete mess of a game on all systems including PC

no one to blame here but Ubisoft
i don't hate Ubisoft though
i'm having a blast with AC:Rogue and Far Cry 4

creatchee2437d ago

"but you have to remember it was all Ubisoft fault
for aim for parity"

Are you kidding me? With as bad as that game runs at 900p, can you even imagine the debacle that 1080p would be? Parity or not, the game is an unoptimized mess that would only be worse if it required even more out of the PS4.

Scatpants2437d ago

I think the reason everyone was butthurt about 900p on PS4 for Unity was that they thought Ubisoft was lying when they said that PS4 needed to be at 900p and couldn't do 1080. Now we see that they were telling the truth.

G20WLY2436d ago

^You're wrong Scat. The reason people were upset was because they said they were aiming to make all versions equal.

Now 1080p would have been great, but as you said, all things considered that was unlikely to be achieved.

Everyone agrees that PS4 is more powerful and Ubisoft demonstrated this in a demo showing PS4 could cope with double the number of dancers utilising the extra grunt of it's GPU. This was just before AC:U was shown to be a stuttering mess on all platforms.

A game should work first and look pretty as a secondary objective. They got this all wrong. Now with FC4 for Xbox, if they lowered the resolution, they did so in order to make the game play more smoothly, which is absolutely the right choice in the interests of their customers enjoying their products AT LAUNCH.

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DJ2437d ago

When 1080p becomes standard. There's no excuse. Microsoft simply built a weak console.

Daz2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

But the order? yes just under 1080p but its not native.
So you going to skip it because of this i think your going to miss out if you do.

NO excuses right.

Also don't start listing other games because i do know what they are.

bleedsoe9mm2437d ago

@Daz how does that old saying go , people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

dRanzer2436d ago


If xbox1 will do graphics like The Order i will forgive him to do less then 1080p

badz1492436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


if you're not so ignorant, you should know that there actually is the 1080p version of The Order in a comparison video between 1080p and 800p (for cinematic view purpose) released like some months ago.

they decided to go with 800p because that was their vision for the game from the get go. so, you see...800p is a DESIGN DECISION by the dev, not because they can't do 1080p! huge difference.

so could you please stop spreading BS?

Daz2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

YOu 3 above me.

All this over a plastic box ;/

The order in not native end of, If its a DECISION or not is still not native so you can not say 1080p should be slandered if games look better with lez rez in cases then so be it (CINEMATIC RIGHT).
Some people even say they wont play if the game that is not 1080p (Neogaf) so you know how stupid this sounds.

Also how that bullshit was i lying?
Is the Order 1080p native OR just under at 1980 & 800

BY the way saying 800p sounds wrong. ITs 1980 by 800.

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-Foxtrot2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Oh come on, whether it's Sony or Microsoft 1080 should be standard now, we are well into a new gen...what's wrong with wanting more out of our consoles we've all paid a lot of money for.

Fanboy shit aside, you paid for a console you should want more from it. These things aren't cheap.

OutcastMosquito2437d ago

For $500 I don't expect the best visuals and performance, I expect great exclusives and overall great games for the console I chose (PS4). If I wanted the best quality id save for PC parts and build one.

-Foxtrot2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

"For $500 I don't expect the best visuals and performance"

Really? It's not like we are asking for 4k are we and frames per second over 60. We just want things which we thought, given the comments made by devs about being limited by last gen tech, would be standard by now.

" I expect great exclusives and overall great games "

We can have both

StrawberryDiesel4202437d ago

Build a PC, I swear fanboys act like pc gamers haven't been playing 1080p 60fps for years now. If this is so important just buy a fucking PC you morons...

FromTheAshes2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


"Build a PC"...I agree 100%

A4 4000 DUAL CORE CPU = 40 USD
ASRock FM2 Motherboard = 45 USD
8GB 1600Mhz Ram Kingston = 70USD
R7 260X GPU = 90 USD (SALE brand new)
750GB Seagate Momentus HD = 60 USD
Corsair VS450 Power Supply = 45 USD
Rapoo Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo = 15 USD
Samsung DVD-RW Drive = 15 USD
Windows 7 OS license = 0 USD (Used license # from my laptop purchase)

Total for budget gaming PC = 380 USD

Matches or exceeds (Tomb Raider ultra settings plus TressFX) the PS4 on a DUAL CORE for 20 USD less of MSRP. If you care about graphics folks BUILD A PC. Case I got free from a buddy who upgraded his gaming PC.

beerzombie2436d ago

The used low end parts to keep the box's cheep that's what happens in the mass mark gaming world. If you want high end go build a pc.



I would agree if you had just stopped at the "build a PC"...

A4 4000 for gaming? DVD Drive in 2014? Using sale prices for a GPU? Free case... Hiding the ridiculous Windows license price... You are trying too hard! Let's be realistic, ok? That PC you scrambled (which isn't even a good starter gaming PC, you just tried to match PS4 specs as if this would magically made it a good gaming PC), would cost around 600~650 bucks with MSRPs on each part. A good gaming PC, with a mid i5 and a decent card, would start around 800 bucks, a way better deal since this one is the real thing for just a little more.

In fact, I would say 800 bucks is very respectable for a budget gamer, it's double that of a console but now we're talking a more capable machine that will either match or outdo PS4 performance and with much cheaper software. No need to lie in the face of people with tales of gaming PCs cheaper than a console, it is a good a deal already, PCs are definetelly getting more affordable.

thereapersson2436d ago

FromTheAshes, that was one of the dumbest PC rebuttal posts I've seen in a long time. And way to completely invalidate your post by saying you got some things for free, which totally makes you appear as though you are missing the point.

FromTheAshes2435d ago

@ Bishop-Brasil

Irregardless if you find it unbelievable or not. I can PM you my benchmarks. You don't need to build a "800 dollar" PC to match or exceed the PS4.

To those who disagree I will personally upload a Youtube link of my rig running Tomb Raider on Ultra 1080p with the benchmark FPS.

Maybe in Brasil you have to pay alot for a PC to match PS4 but not where I am. Sorry. I use a DVD drive in 2014 because Virtual Clone drive already simulates BR drives.

FromTheAshes2435d ago



"You are trying too hard! Let's be realistic, ok?"

I'll be more than realistic...I'll show your proof ;)

"FromTheAshes, that was one of the dumbest PC rebuttal posts I've seen in a long time."

Sounds like a case of sour grapes. If you know how and where to look, you CAN build a gaming PC 400 USD or under that MATCHES or EXCEEDS the PS4's performance.