The Demo is Dead, Long Live the Beta

Joe Lewis of The Koalition writes:
Video games have come a long way since the flickering arcade displays of Computer Space and its kin, and there’s been no better indicator of the industry’s progression than the demos released alongside the games themselves. At the start of the eighth generation of home consoles, it may be time for developers to say goodbye to the demo, but not without something new ready and waiting to take its place.

In the golden age of the arcade, and even in the dwindling arcades of today, non-interactive demos displayed constantly on unoccupied cabinets to present a game’s visual flavour to a prospective player. Since then the use of demos has fluctuated, but as physical media plummeted in price – the compact disks of the PlayStation era were particularly popular – demos flourished becoming a key part of video game marketing.

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HisRoyalFlyness1453d ago

Funny enough The Crew "Open Beta" begins 25th of November. Then 2 weeks later the full game gets released

rbailey1453d ago

i'm still disappointed that matchmaking in Halo: The Master Chief Collection wasn't fixed prior to launch. This is the biggest franchise on the Xbox One and therefore Microsoft should take their time to make sure its perfect right out of the gates. A demo or beta would have helped this process and probably made the launch issues close to nonexistent.

TheLyonKing1453d ago

While I do like betas I miss my demos. I loved buying playstation mag and getting to play like 5 demos o still have the tomba demo :)

I can't wait to buy type 0 just to play ff 15. There's just something awesome about demos.

Relientk771453d ago

I will always miss demos. I still have demo discs for PS1 and PS2

yamelmegames1453d ago

Awesome article, man. I lived off the PS demo disk! Makes me miss those day, but I'm excited for what beta can potentially offer the masses in the long term.

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The story is too old to be commented.