How to install Linux on your Xbox

It's a bit 'old-school' – since the Xbox 360 is now Microsoft's dominant video game console – but loading Linux on the original Xbox (popular circa 2002) makes sense because you can use an old dusty machine sitting in a corner somewhere and get more useful life out of it.

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Isaac3769d ago

Well, it is indeed Microsoft's dominant console, not Sony's or Nintendo's. It is indeed oustelling Microsoft's other console (Xbox), so the claim is still true. However, it has yet to surpass original Xbox sales, but surely they will this year. Then it will DEFINITELY, objectively and ultimately become "Microsoft's dominant console".

Anyway why use it for Linux? It could void your much needed warranty. Especially since Microsoft never intended it to be used as a multimedia center, only as an extender.

ikkokucrisis3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

You can install linux and other stuff on it w/o voiding your warranty.
Which leads to another point that being what warranty? MS dropped support for the Xbox over a year ago. They only sell used and refurbed Xbox's at stores now. And this sucker is built like a rock, mines has lasted me over 3 years, and the overall failure rate on this thing is really low.

To answer your other question:
The xbox can be used as a PC w/Linux installed on it.
The most useful thing i've seen it used for in this configuration is as a server.

And let's not forget with the PS3 you can install linux w/o modding or voiding any warranty on it.

ikkokucrisis3769d ago

But XBMC is really the most useful for me, I still use it regularly!