Fans cheer ‘smooth’ Smash Bros. Wii U online experience while Microsoft and Sony games struggle

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U works really well online, and that has fans happy.

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ColManischewitz2996d ago

Sony, Microsoft do what Nintendo't -- launch games that break online.

theshonen88992996d ago

Love my Wii U but the sad reality is that there really aren't enough of us to break servers. Nintendo's quality control is second to none though.

Pogmathoin2996d ago

Agreed, Super Smash is probably the only online game going on right now on Nintendo...

darthv722996d ago

i don't know about that Pog...mario kart 8 does pretty well for itself online. Especially with the new tracks that are damn fun to play.

ChronoJoe2996d ago

In fairness though, Smash Bros on 3DS can often lag even when in local play, so let's not pretend that Nintendo haven't had their own issues in this regard.

wonderfulmonkeyman2996d ago

True, but in local, the lag decreases the closer to each other you are.
I know from personal experience; after the first match, last night at the release event, the lag disappeared in local.
Online on 3DS will always be a little bad, though the N3DS might be able to alleviate that a bit, somehow.

danthegamerfiend2996d ago

How can you even make a comparison between a console version to handheld version. Both designed for different infrastructures. And if you can name any recent problems with nintendo that affect as gamers. Please share

ChronoJoe2995d ago

The article makes comparison between Wii U title Smash Bros, and Sony's games like Driveclub, yet it's I who extends the 'comparison' too far?

It wasn't a comparison either, it was just to note. If we're picking faults on the technical underpinnings of multiplayer gaming across platform holders, then it's important to note that Nintendo don't have a flawless track record either.

Nintendo are doing many things right, but these articles painting them as some sort of 'white knight' seem a little ignorant at times.

NuggetsOfGod2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Call of duty and gta 5 works better on wiiU. Fact...

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crazytown992996d ago

I guess the Wii taught them that people actually do like to play online.

JeffGrubb2996d ago

Online in this game is such a bonus -- but playing locally is still the best.

darthv722996d ago

Agreed. when I get my ass handed to me in a local match I can pull off my own Luigi death stare.

It just doesnt have the same effect when I play online. But I still do it anyway.

Dannycr2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I'm loving Smash, but come on! This is ridiculous. The 3DS had a pretty bad online launch (my 3DS was crashing even) so it was expected that the WiiU version had a smooth launch.

That's how it happens most of the time. If you want to talk about smooth online from scratch, Mario Kart is a better choice, but even that, the online components within the game are way less complex (no voice over IP, cross-talk, messages, etc).

I'm not bashing the WiiU, it's just obvious stuff. It just has less features to worry about in the online component.

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The story is too old to be commented.