A Cog in the Gears of War Machine

Crispy Gamer is serving up an interview with Gears of War 2 lead designer Cliff Bleszinski:

Interview Excerpt:

Crispy Gamer: Have you made any fundamental changes to gameplay, like to the cover system?

Bleszinski: I'm not a fan of how developers tend to hate on their own games. "Our first game, even though it sold a ton of copies, was crappy." What's wrong with you? But I have to say, after playing Gears 2 for so long, the cover improvements alone are just amazing. Whatever you want the A button to do, it just does. It was amazing in the first game, but there were a couple problems with players unintentionally getting into cover when they didn't want to. So we're polishing it until it shines. We made something like 500 code tweaks to the system, so now there are never any instances of someone going into cover when they don't want to.

We've also added Stopping Power so players will physically slow down when they're shot with bullet-based weapons. This fundamentally changes how multiplayer is played since it prevents people from doing that cheesy shotgun roll thing they've adopted. Oh, that drives me crazy.

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Silogon3769d ago

Cliffy B is a jerk spurt. He reminds me of a reality TV star who's past his prime so they don't let him on anymore shows, they just let him on game shows. Cliffy B is such a little angsty butt smack that he spews the very bile that makes him think he's something.

His ego is about as big as his ultra cool hairdo. Cliffy b needs Mark Rein to smack his lips shut.

7h3ultim8p003769d ago

still sore about him "dissing" MGS4? lol?

edhe3769d ago

I've been enjoying CliffyB games for at least a decade now, and MGS is still boring.

The guy knows how to make a very good game called Gears of War, and everyone that's not a bitter fanboi is or should be looking forward to it. It'll be the next standard for Third Person Shooters.

He's also got his development head screwed on pretty nicely.

badz1493768d ago

looking forward to his next game? at least not me! I've played GeoW on my PC but I can clearly say that I'm not at all impressed! the controls are sloppy, the campaign is short and the story sucks!! maybe because I'm not just a 'run&gun' type of person. I only love games with good stories and Epic/CliffB are not the devs which will ever deliver in that matter! that's why I love R:FoM because even with a less than stellar graphic, it has a well scripted story and the controls and gameplay are spot-on! I'll take MGS4 and R2 over GeoW2 any day by miles! GeoW2 will be a standard for years to come? you're going too far with that comment and I highly doubt it will ever be!! mindless run-cover-shoot game be a standard? nice try there buddy! - that, for me is the true definition of BORING!!

badz1493769d ago

now you're talking exactly like Itagaki! I remembered I read somewhere that Itagaki told people that the previos games are bad and the coming one will be the truly best one! did he learn from Itagaki to talk like that or it's the other way around?

Millah3769d ago

This clown is so full of himself now, I can't stand hearing him talk anymore.

AllroundGamer3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

i never liked Cliffy B because he looks like a gay douche Lvl99 and sounds even worse :D

Edit: CyberSentinel - GoW2 will be good, but Cliffy stays a douche forever :p

CyberSentinel3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

...passive lemmings.

(Non gamers, for those that don't know what that means)

Blind Lemmings, Hate All You Want...You Can't Stop The GoW2 Love.

@2: Just like Movie Gear Solid Waste 4. Only MGS4 won't sell 4 million.

CyberSentinel3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

@4: From the looks of your avatar, it seem to me you like doing lots of things with your rectum.

Millah3767d ago

Oh so in order to be a gamer you have to like the guy? Wow, cuz toolbags like you idolize him cuz you think hes so cool. I can guarantee you I'm much more of a gamer, and have been so for longer than you've prolly been alive. Unlike you, I own almost every single game console ever made and don't worship one particular brand.

Hes a clown, and you're a clown for trying to say you aren't a gamer unless you are a Cliffy B toolbag.

Never said I won't be playing Gears, I just said I can't stand Cliff B anymore. Get a life seriously.

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Bnet3433769d ago

List of people ps3 fans hate:

gabe newell
tomonobu itagaki
cliffy b

anyone else?

GiantEnemyCrab3769d ago

Shane Kim
Bill Gates
Aaron Greenburg
Major Nelson
___________<- fill in the blank with anyone who has any connection to 360 at MS.

I do think there was some love for Peter Moore though.

JasonXE3769d ago

awesome name and spot on gec

Obama3769d ago

Well they are all assholes that's why. On the other hand people don't hate Kojima because he's humble and doesn't talk sh8t all the time.

heroman7113769d ago

i cant wait for this game, i want this game nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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