Watch Dogs Wii U Gameplay/Initial Thoughts Video | Nintendo Enthusiast

Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast has had some harsh words of Ubisoft, but in the honor of fairness, picked up Watch Dogs for the Wii U. So how is it? Get a preview in this gameplay/initial impressions video.

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Trolltroll1522d ago

Wow Mr Long. Thank you for giving a honest opinion despite your ubihate. Now make it 40$ and I am in too.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1522d ago

Decent thing to do. I was hoping that some of the people who rightly criticized Ubisoft's actions would review Watch Dogs. At this point, I felt this would be the only way I would get an honest review- because of all of the Nintendo Doomsayers, who would uplift Ubisoft just to make Nintendo look bad.