Why, Oh Why Isn't World of Warcraft Dead Yet?

Softpedia writes: "Lets face it, Blizzard is not the best developer in the world and I have to say, from my perspective, it has only released mediocre games so far. I know many will disagree and I'm sure I'll get my share of bashing, but I truly believe World of Warcraft is the reason why the gaming world today is in such a poor state."

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dktxx23769d ago

Wow has gotten 10 million people to pay 15 bucks a month for it. Halo can.t do that. Metal Gear can't do that. Gears can't do that. GTA can't do that. And Blizzard is definitely one of, if not the, greatest developer ever. Their games have quality. If they don't, then they cancel it. Look at Starcraft Ghost. To sum that all up, this guys an idiot and needs his first amendment rights taken away, until he earns them back.

nightfallinicedearth3769d ago

I never got into Wow but i agree with you about the other titles. They are a good developer, starcraft is still one of the greatest games. I used to spend hours playing warcraft 1-3,simply amazing games.

yamamoto1143769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

To me, World of Warcraft is not a game. It's a chatroom. Where you kill stuff. With friends. That's the basis of WoW's success. The developers gave you an immersive world (objective) with rich lore (objective) and lots of things to do with other people. They give you goals to achieve, and let you do them with other people in a persistent world. You achieve with other people. I don't play the game for the game. I play the game for the people. It's a great social experience, especially if you travel a lot and meet people all over the world.

In other words, if World of Warcraft were a single player game or a limited multiplayer world, I wouldn't play it.

Yeah, I pay $15 a month for a friends matchmaking service. Shut up.

And don't tell me Counter-Strike and Halo are "chatrooms where you kill stuff" too. It's hardly feasible to get into an in-depth conversation with other people when they're all trying to blow your head off. Plus, you can only play with 16-32 random people at once.

N2NOther3769d ago

This guy deserves his first amendment rights taken away because he thinks WOW is garbage? Oh man, the irony.

Tomdc3768d ago

wow is a great game, I played for a month but didn't have the money to keep spending on it. Plus I found I was starting to spend what I deemed to much time on it, so rather than let myself get addicted I quit =) only bad thing about the game is the repetativeness of quests

sumfood4u3768d ago

All for $15 bucks a month Electric Addiction!

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iceice1233769d ago

"Lets face it, Blizzard is not the best developer in the world"

Nobody else puts out anything nearly as close to the perfection Blizzard achieves. I am pretty damn sure they're the best. :)

jamilion3769d ago

Konami or Kojima have put out a game that currently has set the bar in the video game industry, so blizzard are NOT the best

dktxx23769d ago

Konami is a mediocre developer. Lots of good games, lots of bad. Kojima himselfhas only done one genre successfully. Blizzard has conquered RTS, Action-Rpg, and MMORPG. If the name Blizzard is on the box, you know its good. Konami, not so much.

TheIneffableBob3769d ago

Hell, Blizzard even made a good racing game!

Bolts3769d ago

Kojima is one guy, Blizzard is a host of developers, and no matter how good the MGS series is he'll never be able to match Blizzard success. Koji's games are too eccentric and in some cases too "Japanese" to match Blizzard mass market appeal. In fact I can't even think of a single game that can match the success of Starcraft and WoW...thats not even counting Blizzard's "lesser" hit Diablo.

Shankle3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Never played a bad naughty dog game. Nintendo, Rare and Valve are pretty good too.

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Pedobear3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )


jdoggystyyle3769d ago

but in 1 months time...with 10 mil plus people...payin 15 bux a month...thats more money then u will ever see in yer suck worse :)

Lionsguard3769d ago

He's mad because people are stupid. Blaming Blizzard because kids are failing school and other crap happening is just ignorant. This is just the same as blaming GTA for every shooting out there. He's just focusing on the bad press that WoW gets but I'm sure WoW brings a lot of people together as well. Really though I think this guy is just jealous that he isn't on the WoW developers payroll.

Baba19063769d ago

its not exactly the same. its as if you would say alcohol and drugs dont have an influence on you. i am totally against the idea that games are a bad thing. but games like wow can be addictive. i am not some kind of a social freak and yet i couldnt let wow out of my hands for around 2 years. it pretty much killed my good rl i had. the bad press is not all as much fiction as it seems.

ZeroBlitz3768d ago

You don't know what you're talking about at all. If any game can be considered an addiction, it's WoW. Of all the people on the college course I just finished, the only ones that failed/nearly failed were my friends that play the game.

They literally stayed up all night playing it at times, took a lot of time off and ended up with very lax attitudes about bothering with the work - not that I was much different. Everyone else sailed through the course. I also had another friend with a WoW addiction in another class and he quit his first course, failed his second (the same year) and I'm pretty sure he failed this year too.

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