Here's Every PS4 Deal on Black Friday 2014

Nerdacy: "Black Friday is a pretty big deal to us Americans. When it comes to scoring a great deal there isn’t a better day; but the problem is finding which place has the best deal. So to make things easier for people, we’ve gone ahead and gathered all the PS4 deals at national retailers."

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chrismichaels041581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Agreed. That $399 GTAV/The Last of Us Bundle is a really good deal. I can definitely see that bundle selling a bunch of PS4s for Sony this holiday.

MegaSackman1581d ago

Stop playing with us Amazon!!

CorruptBoyd1581d ago

What about any deals on Ps4 headsets, which this article mentions nothing about. I'm sure Best Buy is having Turtle Beachs on sale.

Yaay4me1581d ago

i think there was a Playstation Gold headset for 70 bucks. I'm thinking about getting it for my brother for christmas. as long as thats the one where you can hear the game audio as well as other people's voice? I gotta do some research i think.

Yaay4me1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

for some reason I was under the impression that xbox was going to have the better bundle. the price is good and all 329 with two assassin's creed games. But between that and a 399 PS4 with two of the hands down best games currently available? I think even with the consoles being equal I would pay the extra money and get the one with two games that are not identical (as in the 2 assassin's creed games), and play the GTAV and The Last of Us instead. forget that the PS4 is arguably the better console, but I would pay the extra money just to have two games I'm actually going to be able to play. Not that Assassin's creed is bad (its actually one of my favorites) but i don't think too many people will be able to play both of them either simultaneously (which i would think would be a stupid idea) or consecutively. I think most people will only play one and end up not playing the other. And then there is the fact that if someone hasn't played The Last of Us, man, you owe it to yourself brother. don't think they come like this too often.

i8urCAKE1581d ago

if only there was a price drop for ps4 without any games..

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