TGR Review: Alone in the Dark (360) - "So much promise"

"Now you may be thinking that this is living up to the hype, with me explaining the diverse inventory system, the episode and sequences system, and the big blockbuster feel, but all this doesn't distract you from the horrible controls, dodgy fighting system, horrible camera, and the overall layout of the game. It's like Eden Studios spent all of their time on getting these original ideas in the game but forgot about the execution and how they would intertwine with the whole gameplay experience. Instead of using an over-shoulder camera with the ability to move the camera around, Eden decided to have the camera behind the character with no control what so ever."

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Erasmus3769d ago

Good God, how could something that showed so much promise go so wrong? I may be tempted to give AitD a rent out of some naive hope, but I have a feeling that there won't be a ton to enjoy.

predator3769d ago

its enjoyable but only in short burts