Avid Gamer: Alone in the Dark Review

Ignoring other reviews, Avid Gamer look at Alone in the Dark with their own expectations and wishes and surprisingly, it doesn't do too bad at all.

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MK_Red3762d ago

Nice score. AITD game definitly deserves better than 3.5 IGN gave it. Also, it has great music and many many awesome gameplay and design ideas and while most of them weren't finished, I still think the game deserves a 7-8 for the effort.

Wolf8733762d ago

The game deserves a score of 7 at the very least. The graphics and sound should alone score it around 5 or 6. Though the music doesn't suits the Alone in the Dark atmosphere, but in itself its very nicely composed. The game was very ambitious as developers themselves admitted, some nice ideas there which surely deserve some recognition and applause, even if not perfect. Alone in the Dark has always been about taking chances, I guess, experimenting with new ideas. Nice game though.

MK_Red3762d ago

Agreed. I also think music was suitable though I didn't play much of prevoius AITD.
The game definitly deserves a 7 at the very least and there are so many ideas that indeed deserve recognition and applause. I'd rather play this with so many new and innovative but buggy and half ideas than a perfectly well made game that has nothing new (cough... Nintendo... cough).