James Bond author is going to write a Metal Gear Solid book writes "James Bond author Raymond Benson (52), is going to write a Metal Gear Solid book. The book will launch on the 13th of August and contains about 320 pages. The writer is well known since he also wrote the James Bond and Splinter Cell Books"

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PoSTedUP3859d ago

yesss, thats what i wanted.

kewlkat0073859d ago

they should let Tom Clancy write it...

PoSTedUP3859d ago

they should let Stephen King write it o.O

SPECTER3859d ago

isnt this already out? I have and MGS book that just came out, and i think its from this guy.

PirateThom3859d ago

Yeah, I already have it as well. It's been out for a while now.

M4GN3T3859d ago

Yes thats the old one written by Alexander Frost, Raymond will do a new one ;)

ThatCanadianGuy3859d ago

But i'd rather have a book written by Kojima himself.i dont think anyone could make the plots and twist's just the way i like it.