New Soul Calibur IV pictures emerged

New pictures of Soul Calibur IV emerged of the character creation mode,cas characters, pictures of the story mode, also character cloths being riped.
Check them.

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MK_Red3817d ago

Holy moly, are they from character editor / creator? Awesome.

Jinxstar3817d ago

I can't wait for this game MK.

MK_Red3817d ago

I'm definitly and positivly with you. Love the series and the game looks sick. Plus, finishing moves FTW!

Bnet3433817d ago

OMG .... this game looks beautiful. I can't wait for this. day one buy from me

Tacki3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Haven't play an SC game since II... but my little brother's getting this game and I must say it's look quite good. The character creator is looking awesome!

blackblades3817d ago

I know I just can't wait, make my dream characters.

crimsonfox3817d ago

i liked making my character in MK:armageddon i wonder how much better this character customization is from MK's

ash_divine3817d ago

It pretty much a step up from that customization. which makes it pretty much the best character creation in a fighting game.

Dark General3817d ago

Also if i didn't know any better Assassin in this game looks alot like Ryu from Ninja Gaiden. The new character Hilde is looking good as well can't wait to kick ass with her. Or attempt to at least.

blackblades3817d ago

He kinda do look like ryu, you can probably make him, and probably other character from other games and they'll probably look like them to.

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The story is too old to be commented.