Which console should you get for Christmas? (Hint: It's the Xbox One)

MWEB GameZone writes:"The reason to grab an Xbox One now, is the same reason it was smart to grab an Xbox 360 back in the day over the PlayStation 3. In fact, it's the most important factor for most people when they decide to buy anything: Price."

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Sillicur2446d ago

PS4 is the best to buy, the most important factor for me is not price, it is performance....

lord zaid2446d ago

You're entitled to you opinion, but for most people cost will always be the over-riding factor. Not all of us can shell out the big bucks.

And the performance gap between the two consoles is minimal.

Sillicur2446d ago

:) The price difference is smaller than the performance difference!!!

theshonen88992446d ago

I like how despite having the most highest rated exclusives, no one even thinks about the Wii U.

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bouzebbal2446d ago

i think everyone should follow his tastes of games. If i havent had any console and i have to buy one right now i will choose PS4 for LBP3 and Guilty Gear Xrd and also to be prepared for the sick 2015 which seems to be one of the biggest gaming years ever. Wii U would be a very close second for the 1st party awesomeness.
Nothing for me on X1 so that's out of the question atm...

miyamoto2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

There is an old saying
"You get what you pay for"
and like Jack Nicholson said "Think about the future."
Its a 4-6 year investment.

During the 2008 -2010 global economic crisis I was hard pressed to choose what platform I would invest on. And after a long thorough research and study I settled for the PS3.

With so many important factors considered like:
1. getting the balance right with the best of both worlds - Japanese & Western games support was very important criteria to me. It was the games support that mattered most.

And PS3 proved to be that platform and I got what I want.

Exclusive Western Games:
Little Big Planet Series
Uncharted Series
The Last of Us
God of War
Infamous Series
Ratchet and Clank Series
PlayStation Move games

Multiplat Western Games:
Batman Series
CoD Series
Lego Series
Red Dead Redemption

Exclusive Japanese Games:
Shadow of the Colossus
Ni No Kuni
Gran Turismo Series
Metal Gear Series
Gundam Battle Operation
Demon's Souls
Dragon's Crown
Resident Evil Remaster Series
Tales Series
the new Godzilla game!

Multiplat Japanese Games:
Armored Core Series
Sonic the Hedgehog games

Region free gaming and sharing and tons of free games though PS Plus Instant Game Collection which was a huge surprise!
There is no doubt the same goes even more for PS4.

2. The quality of the hardware's track record.
My PS3 is now 5 years old and it is still in good working order.
My 360 is now long dead and gone. RROD :-( ) Heh, my old PSOne, PS2, & PSP outlives that damn M$ machine!

3. The quality of games exclusives or multiplats.

4. Power of the machine. Like the SNES, PS3 this will guarantee that 4-6 years from now the games will still have enough juice to squeeze from the console for better gameplay, features, and presentation. This is also a guarantee that award winning games that takes advantage of the hardware's power shall be made. i.e. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, FF VI, Uncharted Series, The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, etc

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Jdoki2446d ago

Performance? Really?

For me it's games.

Both consoles have a bright future. But if people are taking a really short term view, then yeah I'd agree XB1 is good for Xmas - but PS4 looks stronger in the early part of next year

bouzebbal2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

i agree it's about the games but you wouldn't disagree with the fact that performance is a good thing for a futureproof console. concerning the games it's a matter of opinions. I wouldn't trade an LBP for Halo HD or Sunset Overdrive... also with a PS4 right now you are ready for 2015 starting with THE ORDER in February. What's the first X1 exclusive coming out next year?

Sitdown2446d ago

And some people might not trade Project Spark for LBP. Halo HD and Sunset Overdrive's value are known, at this time we are simply hoping that The Order is good....shoot, we are hoping that The Order comes out in February and not be another Driveclub. Play Halo HD and Sunset right now.....or wait 3 months in hopes of The Order hitting the spot?

born_naughty2445d ago

abzdiine, I'm not up to speed on everything but my most anticipated game by far is Quantum Break. Also Scalebound could be good and maybe just maybe Fable Legends.

LBP has less then zero value for me. I hate that game and a friend always forced me to play it, LBP and LBP2. He's probably gonna make me play LBP3 soon. The horror. Just my honest opinion, not trying to insult a PS fan or anything.
What does PS4 have for me next year? The Order looks like a generic shooter (with amazing graphics though) so far, nothing more, nothing less.

thrust2446d ago

Mine is the games and network!

SuperLupe2446d ago

Performance ? When talking about XOne and PS4 ? LOL.

An extra blade of grass here and there is the last thing that would make me pick a console.

I would go for the games.

Sillicur2446d ago

Both consoles have great games...

telekineticmantis2446d ago

You get the Xbox One only if you wanna enjoy your Christmas. With games like Sunset, Forza, and Titanfall, Xbox One had the best games this year, regardless of sales figures which I could care less about, Xbox One won this year, especially for core gamers. LBP3 is a really Good reason to have a PS4, but that's 1 against 3 exclusives wise.

Maybe next year Sony will shape up, and stop announcing release dates, before they are ready to.If Sony's line up next year is accurate, theyll have a killer year, but who knows at this point.

BumpFrankie2446d ago

The correct answer to this question is obviously both. It is guaranteed that both the Xbox One and PS4 will have great games and value. If you really cannot invest $800 for 8 years of entertainment then I highly suggest you grow up and join society. Seeing people be so absent mindendly cynical about something so petty as which gaming console is "better" than the other has made me sad. I love my Xbox and PS4 for what they are, and will be, worth - and they are essentially worth the same in a sense of value.

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Hellsvacancy2446d ago

How am I going to play Bloodborne if I buy an XB1? thanks but you can keep your opinion

Omran2446d ago

also the order 1886 :)

2446d ago
Omran2446d ago


Tell the guy who wrote this article :)

CongoKyle2446d ago

All I'll be getting for Christmas is some socks, and maybe underwear if I'm lucky.

However, I do agree. Xbox One will most likely be the favoured pick this Christmas.

acekaze2446d ago

I own a Ps3, a Wii U and a gaming pc, i am pretty much set for everything, Pc for the multiplats, Wii U for the awsome local multiplayer and exclusives ( Cant wait for super smash :S (europe) ) and my ps3... well its kinda been gathering dust but it was fun while it lasted!

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