Second Take: Games Of The Year (So Far)

Ben and Rob discuss their picks for the biggest titles released in the first half of 2008.

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dktxx23769d ago

So far MGS4 and GTA4 are the contenders, and will probably remain so. Little Big Planet, Gears 2, Starcraft 2, Resistance 2, and maybe Fable 2 will be included later. The only game I see that will rival either mGS4 or GTA4 is LBP, or maybe Fable 2 (a strong maybe). Gears and Resistance will beat the hell out of each other, so there's not going to be an obvious GOTY winner there. Starcraft 2 is PC GOTY, with Conan coming in second. Since there's not one unified Goty award, I think well see the percentage like this
MGS4 = 30%
GTA4 = 25%
LBP = 15%
Fable 2 = 10%
Starcraft 2 = 10%
Gears 2 = 5%
Resistance 2 = 5%
And I know I'm leaving the Wii out, but nothing on that console really sticks out to me.

Superfragilistic3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I think many forget the big fat elephant in the room... Spore!

To me that singlehandedly reduces the chances of LBP and Banjo (if it had any?) as it is far more advanced than either in terms of user generated content and Web 2.0 functionality. It encompasses five different genres in a game that is multiples larger than anything else.

I also think the fact that it's a new IP gives it a major leg up over all the contenders as it's far more likely to surprise, than sequels which have established gameplay and design mechanics.

Otherwise I think your list is on track, although I consider Fallout 3, Too Human and Banjo 3 as potential dark-horses that could crash the party.

PSWe603769d ago

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drdre743769d ago

for me right now the game of the year is MGS4. I love everything about the game and i cant even nit pick it.

DFresh3769d ago

It's all gonna be tied between MGS4 and Resistance 2 for GOTY in my book.

Le-mo3769d ago

These titles are the strongest contender for GOTY imo:
GeOW 2
Resistance 2
Fable 2

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The story is too old to be commented.