Samba De Amigo Maraca Shells Confirmed

Samba De Amigo for the Wii was announced nearly a year ago and though everyone was excited, the knowledge that the maraca peripherals were half the fun overshadowed its joyous return.

Gearbox/Sega luckily felt the same way and we're now getting maraca shells to accompany the game. They even kept the zany color scheme, opting away from Wii's clean as snow motif. No price has been announced, but hopefully Mario Kart Wii has set a precedent. There's also no word if beads are in the shells to give full maraca action, but we speculate that there's something in those beautiful bulbous shells.

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Intrepid3765d ago

What happened to the time when games were released just in game cases instead of huge boxes? I'm all for Mario Kart Wii and Samba, but c'mon.

floatingworld3765d ago

Hey I'm totally fine with a big box if there are Maracas inside. No Joke!