LittleBigPlanet 3 Review | Eurogamer Italy - a series fatigued

LittleBigPlanet 3 is not that evolution everybody was waiting for. The new characters are interesting and funny, but the level design looks like they’re not part of the overall experience. The gorgeous editor is still there, and it’s (again) the best part of the experience.

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Jackhass2568d ago

I skipped the second one, but it might be time to tackle LBP again.

-Foxtrot2568d ago

Really, how can you say it;s getting fatigued when you have 16 layers to play around with and a top down view.

Reviewers are being really harsh on this and I don't see why, it looks like a solid game.

Maybe MM should of made the third one and made it a "3D" platformer game to really spice things up but I'm guessing they are keeping that for another IP.

Concertoine2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I'll give reviewers the benefit of the doubt until i buy and play the game. This certainly wouldnt be the first disappointment this year. I hope its awesome because i've been really disappointed with my ps4 so far and i expected this game to be really great like the other LBP's.

I feel like im doing something wrong lol.

SoapShoes2568d ago

So you'll agree that its a great game? Critics love it.

Concertoine2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )


Im not agreeing with anyone until i play it.

The general consensus is that its a good game, just not as good as the other two.

kayoss2568d ago

They call lbp a "fatigued" game but yet they praise cod, battlefield, assassins creed games which have not really introduced anything new since it's introduction.

-Foxtrot2568d ago

Exactly my's ridiculous

Thatguy-3102568d ago

Series fatigue?
Mario, COD, Assassin's creed and a few others have series fatigue. Foxtrot is right. For some reason reviewers are really hard on this series.

-Foxtrot2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Lately it's most PS games...and yes most of them don't deserve the best scores out there but comparing the complaints against those games to other, even more recent releases like Unity for example how do they get away with their flaws but for the other they have no problem telling it how it "apparently" is

If this was made by MM and it was exactly the same game then it would of gotten higher scores.

SamPao2568d ago

I did not like the storyline and presentation of lbp2, was kinda depressing, so I'm glad sumo took this lbp over and they are doing an unbelievable job!

Torque_CS_Lewith2568d ago
You mean this Assassin's Creed Unity with a lower metascore than LBP3? Goodness PS fans just love to play the victim/conspiracy card.

Here is a news flash, you are always going to see bias if you dig around for it.

So tired of you people crying that your games are being targeted when even the examples you use prove you wrong.
Just accept that not all ps exclusives are going to be awesome. As soon as you make peace with that then you won't see everybody who rates a ps game averagely as some sort of conspirator.

@dboyc, really? Reviewers have been hard on the lbp series? That's how the other 2 won GoTY awards right? Good grief! It's like as soon as the media doesn't dote over a ps exclusive PS fans forget all the awards the same media dishes out to other ps games that actually deserve awards!

No_Limit2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

What are you whining about Foxtrot? The same site Eurogamer Italy also gave Assassin's creed unity a 7/10.

"Lately it's most PS games"
Like these latest PS4 exclusive rewiews from the same site, Eurogamer Italy?

Driveclub 8/10

TLOU HD 10/10

You guys crack me up. If something don't go your way, first thing you guys do, is pull out the bias card. LOL

-Foxtrot2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )


No the question is what are YOU whining about...your talking about Eurogamer Italy...I wasn't talking about just that site but sites in general. You don't really think things through do you? But of course that's the case as you like to jump right in to stir the pot

You guys? What are you talking about "you guys"...don't try and play the "OMG YOU GUYS ARE FANBOYS" bullshit, it's ridiculous coming from you anyway since you one of these people who pretend to be neutral and non bias JUST BECAUSE you apparently, as you keep making a point of, own "all consoles", like that gives you a free pass.

I think it's pretty sad that the majority of your comments is you talking about a user or group of people instead of talking about the actual articles, staying on topic. Doesn't surprise me though

kayoss2568d ago

@torque and no limit,
Foxtrot was complaining about the authors comment of he game is "fatigue". He never said anything about the scores they gave.

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Father__Merrin2568d ago

Lbp3 will have tons to do the only thing against it is that it's just like previous games and isn't a true next gen game

They need to go in 3d

DanteVFenris6662568d ago

No what they needed to do was double jump. Truly next gen like codAW. It's all about next gen features like that. (Then again a user level could even create that).

On a serious note have you seen the game or used create mode. It's basically 3d now. The new tools are what pushes it past. I've had the most popular dbz levels on both vita and lbp2 and with these tools I can finally or what I'm hoping to do is make lbp tenkaichi. So many improvments to the creator it's unreal

magnumram80082568d ago

I dont know how you can hate the puppet show. Especially when this show teaches you how to make videogames. Lbp should never get less than a 9 even if it was shipped without a story. And I mean.. NEVER.

Check it out on PlayStation live Streams. To hell with whichever site this is lol.
I only click for previews not some guy who needs sunlight and gets paid in a hive mind corporation.


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