MGS4's Top 5 WTF Moments

1UP already did a list of Metal Gear's most awkward moments, but now that they have had their hands on the latest installment for a few weeks and entire 1UP staff is long since burned out from playing it or arguing its merits or whatever, they realized that they did the fourth game a great disservice by only including one of its scenes. It carries enough awkwardness for its own list.

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pwnsause3817d ago

....How do you not play with dualshock 3? Epic Fail...

Pornlord3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Group X songs are hillarious, there's a massive collection on you tube, the stick figures kill me. But any way, I was singing that song the whole scene of him pooping, after the initial WTF feeling I had.

Palodios3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Its expensive, maybe? Personally, I didn't feel like spending 50 dollars for a fourth controller when I rarely ever play with three other people who dont have their own.

Peow3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I don't have a DS3. What happens to Psycho Mantis if you have a DS3?

Mr_Kuwabara3817d ago


He'll start saying "Rumble is back!!!" and you'll get to see the white PS DS controller if you press X. He'll also start vibrating the controller, shacking it from the left only, then only right, and finishing shacking the entire controller.

Bonsai12143817d ago

but i like how he says, "WHAT?! NO RUMBLE EITHER?!!?" then it shows a sixaxis

NegativeCreep4273817d ago

The return of Psycho Mantis for a couple of minutes was great. I felt the same feeling this time when I did back ten years ago when I played MGS and he said to put the controller on the floor and he did his "thing". It completely blew my mind back then, but this time it was a pretty good sense of nostalgia. On my next playthrough on Big Boss Extreme I'm going to switch to the original Sixaxis to see what he says.

BTW Does everyone know about the easter egg with Laughing Octopus? After defeating her and she sheds the suit and comes walking toward Snake as Laughing Beauty, have Snake jump on the bed in one of the rooms, go prone and have him turn on his back (you know by pressing triangle) What for Laughing Beauty to approach Snake on the bed and if Snake is lying on his back, she will jump on top of him Cowgirl-style. No Kidding! It still takes away power, but it looks like Snake has entered a porno or something.

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Pornlord3817d ago

WTF moment was when Johhny pooped his pants, reminded me of a song I once heard. Pick your poison.

Mr_Kuwabara3817d ago

You honestly never expected Johnny to poop his pants in this one?

ThanatosDMC3817d ago

I never knew Johnny was the guy Meryl got the jump on in MGS1!!!

I was dumbfounded to say the least... and yes, what the hell was wrong with his diarrhea problems?!

peedie163817d ago

@ Pornlord that should have been #1 on the list LMAO

PSWe603817d ago

When Mantis was trying to read your memory card but couldn't.

That was the best WTF moment

user8586213817d ago

agreed dat was frikin halarious!!!!!! even tryin 2 make da controller rumble haha!!!

Mr PS33817d ago

Is a WTF Moment
What the F*Ck is this Masterpiece i've got in my PS3 !!!!

And if you come across me " mr-naked-snake " on MGO
That will be another WTF moment

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