Mega Man 9 Coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network

Kombo and Ars Technica confirm that the rumors about the recently-revealed Mega Man 9 coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network are true, according to Capcom's E3 itinerary.

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Alexander Roy3765d ago

The only question is: Do people with a Wii and a PS3/XBox360 pirate the game for the Wii (don't know if you still can after the recent update) or buy it for the other one?

pharmd3765d ago

dont know but this is my most anticipated DL game so so far.... mega man FTW

wolfehound223765d ago

Cool I hope this one is good.

niall773765d ago

BIG fan of the old NES megaman games and this is pretty much that again

PirateThom3765d ago

I'll be getting it for PSN or XBLA. Probably PSN.

Nitrowolf23765d ago

sweet but i dont own a credit card ;(
hopefully PSN cards willl arive where i am soon

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