50 Ways to Die in Grand Theft Auto IV

During the making of GamesRadar's huge catalogue of GTA IV video guides, to add to the frustration of having to produce perfect insane jumps against a deadline and shoot every damn pigeon on the map in half a day, they also had to contend with the inconvenience of Niko's mortality.

The general rule is: the harder you try to do a task under pressure, the more likely Niko will find himeslf at the end of a spectacularly unlucky and painful demise. So Games Radar have dredged up their favourite snuff clips from the hours of raw footage and edited them together for sicko comedy value in the video - subtitle: The Orgy Of DEATHZ!!!

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will113765d ago

i think we need 50 ways to tell people to stop making "10 best ways to________"

i see a new one of these every day.

PSWe603765d ago

play GTA IV for more than 10 hours on the 3rd60

JUMP OUT, the house is burning

DTClown3765d ago

oh noooooooooo

Too bad you young sh*ts have NO idea what I'm talkin about! punks. Turn that music down! In my day we had red led blips on a piece of plastic and boy were we happy! Damn polygons have ruined the world! Damn, isn't is 4:00 yet, I need my dinner! Where's my Geritol...opps I think I made a poopie!