More Diablo 3 clues

The Blizzard splash screen mystery reached its fifth installment today. The theories surrounding this mystery are numerous and change almost by the hour. The first day it was thought the announcement had something to do with World of Warcraft.

Day 2, 3 and 4 seemed to suggest a Diablo related product and todays major theory is that the image shows a (Starcraft) Protoss. There is, however, a more viable theory that still supports Diablo III.


Blizzard Officially Announces Diablo 3

The blizzard splash image refreshed to a sexy flash animation with the announcement we've all been waiting for, seconds after the official announcement was made at WWI.

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SCFreelancer4505d ago

About 12 more hours untill the WWI Paris 2008 kick off! I really can't wait to see what comes with the release: a new famous CGI movie? Ingame footage as shown during the WWI Korea 2007? I still firmly believe it to be Diablo III (the announcement).

Condoleezza Rice4505d ago

I think it would be mind blowing if Blizzard announced Diablo III AND a new game

MK_Red4505d ago

Hope this theory is true. Say no to crappy MMOs and yes to Diablo 3 and real games.
If D3 indeed gets announced, I have to add it to Fallout 3, StarCraft 2 as THE classic games that are finally returning.

mepsipax4505d ago

I really wasn't even that interested in Starcraft II because it just looked like Starcraft (which I played fanatically back in the day) with better graphics, be then read about playing as Jim Raynor walking around your ship and picking the missions you want to do and started to look forward to it, as for Diablo III, hopefully, I hated Diablo, hated it, one big f#cking dungeon, I hate dungeon crawling, but I love Diablo II as it opened it up to more than just dungeon crawling, as for Fallout III, we'll see, but as for classic PC franchises returning in the remainder of this year and early next year i.e Diablo III? Fallout III Starcraft II Duke Nukem Forever, Deus Ex 3 I'm either going to be extremely satisfied or extremely dissapointed.

MK_Red4505d ago (Edited 4505d ago )

Dammit, my bad. Shouldn't have forgotten about Deus Ex 3. As for Duke Nukem Forever, I don't think I'll see it in my lifetime :D

Definitly agree with you on "I'm either going to be extremely satisfied or extremely dissapointed.".
I hope that at least Fallout 3 and StarCraft 2 don't disappoint me since they are among my top 3 all time fave PC games. I also like Diablo 3, DNF and Deus Ex 3 but D3 is not certain yet, DKF is... DNF and finally, Deus Ex 3 will probably more like Deus Ex 2, not the original masterpiece of Warren Specter.

Also, why on earth do you only have 5 bubbles? You definitly deserve more so, Bubbles :)

Charlie26884505d ago

@MK_Red: from the classic ones that you mentioned that are returning one is being reborn with new energy...the other one was switched in the maternity with somebodyelses game child and mistakenly registered as the original one

you know were I am going ;)

also the people that made the switch at the maternity probably were counting on the majority of the new parents not noticing the change :P

mepsipax4505d ago

I'm still relatively new to N4G and usually go on long rants about the games industry, so I think the fanboys don't appreciate my input, that's probably why I don't have any more bubbles, oh by the way can anbyody explain how the hell the bubbles thing works, and as for Deus Ex 3 seeing as Warren Spector started a new company, I don't think he's working on DE:3 but maybe just maybe, we might get something there.

MK_Red4505d ago

Charlie2688, you are right as always, most of returning classics are in hands of news devs or have taken a new direction.

I know but come on, Fallout 3 will hopefully be better than Oblivion and that would be more than enough. We both know real Fallout 3 was killed years ago.
Bubbles for you my friend.

mepsipax, your comments are really great and you definitly deserve more bubbles. The system is just based on users. Anyone can give or take bubbles from anyone.
Also, Specter probably can't work on DE3 since he is with Disney now (They bought his studio) and DE3 is with Eidos. The DE3 team did say that they might consult with original's creators but I still think DE3 will be more like Invisible War and less like original.

Charlie26884505d ago (Edited 4505d ago )

MK_Red: I am actually more interested in seeing what the returning classic by original devs are gonna end up being :D for example the mentioned SC2 or the juicy new titles from the reborn-like-the-fenix- Interplay! EarthWorm Jim?, Descent? and MDK count me in :D

+bubbles for you too :P

MK_Red4505d ago

Charlie2688, Sorry man but neither of them are gonna have the same devs. Only SC2 has the same developers. Earthworm Jim and Shiny's creator team at Shiny / Interplay is gone now among with the lead designers of either of them. None of the makers of those 2 classics is left at Interplay and they are using new developers. It's more like Fallout 3 but just with the same company name instead of Bethesda :(
Hopefully StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 follow the originals since Fallout 3 and the rest all have new devs.

Thanks for bubbles :)

Charlie26884505d ago (Edited 4505d ago )

Neither is SC2 nor is gonna be Diablo 3 but you don't see ME reminding everyone XD (or myself LOL!)

lets just say original dev if the IP still in the same company..ok ;)

and at least they could maintain the original quality?, idea?, format? not like some other companies we have seen -_-

mepsipax4505d ago

No, no no no, not interplay, Interplay the company is back up but they have no original staff, it's only the scumbag guy who owns interplay that started it up again, they closed down after the scumbag guy who owned them didn't pay his workers and owed ass loads of money to the government, so all they're gonna do is leech of their franchises, let's face it boys interplay is dead and gone, oh and MK I take it you heard that while Interplay lost the Fallout series rights they still have the Fallout MMO rights, bet you're happy about that. Interplay was one of my favorite devs in the 90s until they broke up after that legal scuffle, I'm still happy with Descent 1-3 and Fallout 1-2 and all the earthworm Jim's plus the numerous fantastic games they've made over their great legacy but it's better to leave a true gem of developer like Interplay in our memorys instead of crushing our dreams. Bethesdsa have a bad track record with me so we'll see about F:3 but Starcraft 2 is gonna rock, as for Deus Ex: 3 I really think that Ubisoft could make a half decent game, because in case you don't remember it was Warren Spector who screwed up Invisible War (probably due to consolification)

MK_Red4505d ago

Charlie2688, at least some of SC2 and D3's devs are the same / original dev but as mepsipax said, this Interplay has nothing to do with the 90s one. This one will be like current Atari which is rename Infogrames and not the 70s Atari.
Blizzard is at least Blizzard :)

Agree with maintaining some of original stuff :D

mepsipax, good points. As for Fallout MMO, I'm a serious MMO hater so eve Fallout can't help me with MMOs. I'm also with you and Charlie2688 about Bethesda screwing Oblivion but it was their only major bad game. I really liked Morrowind and will try to give them a second chance to at least create their BioShock of System Shock 2 (Though they'll probably won't make it that far either). SC2 is gonna PWN all! RTS king is back!

As for Deus Ex 2, are you sure that Warren was responsible? As far as I know he had not much to do with it and a different director and producer made it.

Charlie26884505d ago

(Charlie covers ears)

No,no,no I dot wanna hear!!! original devs!...original devs! (Charlie crawls into fetal position and keeps on mumbling) :P

My returning 90's dream would be to see Black Isle come back again...with the original people of course :D

btw were the F_CK is my Icewind Dale 3!!!! >.<

@mepsipax: don't tell me you are another System Shock 2 fan :D

mepsipax4505d ago

yes Warren Spector was responsible for Deus Ex 2 although he didn't have as much to do with it he still made a few decisions that made me cringe, (universal ammunition)
@charlie oh yeah huge system shock 2 fan, can' get enough, except these days my computer has trouble running it, probably the quad core, but anyway Bioshock pissed me off and I don't know if I want an SS:3 because they might tarnish it's name, f#ing EA.

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Charlie26884505d ago

Well we have like only a day left till WWI so that means about 1-2 extra splash I highly doubt is gonna be 6 more like this article "suggests" 1 more that teases to the point of confirmation and a final revelation one

my secret Diablo shire (in my closet) still prays for Diablo 3 XD

SCFreelancer4505d ago

The addiction factor that comes with the Blizzard games (exclusing war3 for me) is almost scary but a Diablo 3 game would sure as hell be nice to forward to.

I loved part 1, I even loved the unofficial expansion (even though it was pretty bad), I loved diablo 2 and its expansion. I can't begin to think what they could do with a possible 3th version of this charm!

Lionsguard4505d ago (Edited 4505d ago )

edit: wups nvm I didn't see the last pic. Yea it's D3.