Diablo 3 Announced!? - Blizzard Splash Screen Mystery

Console Monster writes: "Blizzard is a rather popular games developer, specifically with PC gamers, but this has not always been the case. Older gamers are sure to remember the classic Rock N Roll Racing and historic Lost Vikings. Recently Blizzard have placed a splash screen on the initial page of all their large websites, and of course rumours and questions have been flying around the internet since!

But where can the image go from here? Fans of the series have pointed out a few key concepts from hints hidden on the splash screen:

- There is a protoss symbol on one of the runes present, but look closer and you will find that the first symbol is from the Deathknights sword in World of Warcraft, and the third is a hel rune from Diablo.

- The image of the eyes fit both characters from World of Warcraft and Starcraft. But what else could the eyes indicate? Perhaps the following image could throw another idea into the works..."

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dannyhinote_133862d ago

I hope it's Diablo 3. Please, please, please be Diablo 3. :)

KarateExplosion3862d ago

For keeping my hope alive. It is all good in theory being that the fire could be melting the ice..... However it doesnt explain those things that look like stars..... But I am praying for D3

MK_Red3862d ago

More than anything, I want it to be Diablo 3 but if not, I hope and pray that it's NOT a MMO.

Yipee Bog3862d ago

play diablo 2, this rumor is very welcome indeed.

mavent3861d ago

I'd love Diablo 3 as much as anyone...but I don't think that's what this is...I don't understand why they'd go from blue to red in the color scheme, and i think the progression is way to slow

the "big reveal" doesn't amount to much when you can tell three frames beforehand that it's obviously diablo

OOG3861d ago

hope they annouce this at E3

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