GameStop Employees Charged with Faking PS3 Robberies

There has to be an easier to way to make money than pulling some sort of PlayStation 3 scam; of this SPOnG is sure. However, people are still trying it on. The latest attempt involves two GameStop employees who are now facing criminal charges in Elk Grove CA, USA for allegedly faking a robbery at their store the day prior to the launch of the PS3.

A report filed by one of the pair claimed that masked men had bust into the store and demanded PlayStation 3 hardware only. This is suspicious in itself, as surely bags upon bags of software would also have been in order...

The police didn't buy the story, and Tauryn Robert Hodge and Gerald Anthony Keys (both 19) were arrested on charges of embezzlement, burglary and conspiracy. Hodge is also facing a charge of filing a false police report as he called the police in the first instance.

Officer Christopher Trim told local newspaper The Sacramento Bee, "There are things we are continuing to investigate. There may or may not be additional parties involved. We still haven't recovered the merchandise. Our detectives were able to gather information that wasn't consistent with a robbery. They felt there was more to the investigation than meets the eye."

Police have not outlined how they concluded the robbery was bogus. Both men have posted bail.

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MicroGamer4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

that someone paid thousands of dollars for those units on ebay and if the cops can track who got them, they will have to give them up without compensation. It would really suck to have the cops turn up at your door on Christmas morning and take away your kids present.