PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Could Have Randomly Generated or Changing Dungeons to Increase Longevity

Today Sony Computer Entertainment revealed new information on Bloodborne, and one of the descriptions seem to indicate the presence of a randomly generated or somehow changing dungeon feature.

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Ezz20131427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Ok, that would be very cool
Bloodborne is going to be an amazing game that's for sure
this and Uncharted 4 alone will do wonders in 2015

thereapersson1427d ago

Heck yeah, I strongly believe that randomly generated dungeons would work strongly in the game's favor due to its action game play style.

Hopefully the loot variety will match the environment possibilities.

pedrof931427d ago

The binding of Isaac is a good case of a RGD game that happens to extremely addictive.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1427d ago

I hope they add random boss/monster, item stats, item drops

NukaCola1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Scares me a

If things are random, then I will struggle to battle through. The SOULS series was all about learning with every step and repeating it until you get it right. Sounds scary when you have no clue what could be around the corner... This game is going to be so awesome!

killacal131427d ago

I believe that it will only be the dungeons that have this feature, if it does have it, which would be the best way to add replayability to an already awesome game. This game in my opinion, will most likely be a game on the year in many people's minds.

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frostypants1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

This doesn't sound like random dungeons to me at all. This sounds more like the "tendency" system from Demon's Souls to me. There were light and dark self and world tendencies (the latter based on a community algorithm that was always a mystery), and if they got light or dark enough, certain areas would open up. Maybe they brought back the individual tendency system and based map presentation upon that. I hope so...the tendency system was a big part of what made Demon's Souls my favorite game in the Souls series.

It was irresponsible of the author to jump to such an extreme conclusion as "randomly generated dungeons" from that quote.

Inception1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

If you read the article, the author also thinks about world tendency from Demon's Souls. Here his quote:

"but the description definitely sounds like a sort of randomly or procedurally generated dungeon or they could be somehow changing akin to what we saw in Demon’s Souls."

frostypants1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

@Inception: Right, but he still led with "randomly generated" in his headline. There's no reason to even think that's what the Sony guy meant. It's click bait. They aren't randomly generated. Mark it down. I am right.

Inception1427d ago

Err...the headline clearly read "could have randomly generated" which means the author not 100% sure and he explained it in the article that it could be like Demon's Souls.

And how do you so sure it's not randomly generated? Do you have official info about that?

Agent_hitman1427d ago

Best news for this day imo.

Palitera1427d ago

Too bad it is just a clickbaity shot on the moon.

medman1427d ago

We can dream if we want to.

killacal131427d ago

I wouldn't consider this clickbait, if anything the author of the article is just stating his opinion on what it could be, it certainly sounds like randomly generated dungeons. AWESOMENESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Palitera1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

^ Or, you know, like it already happens since Demon's Souls, with the tendencies/covenants, making the world look and behave differently... changing "appearance depending on the person that sees them".

In other words, something cool, that I REALLY LOVE about the original Souls, but much more probably NOTHING new at all.

But, as we know, nothing new at all is very very newsworthy for some "journalists".

Paul851427d ago

Just keeps getting better with every bit of new info!

killacal131427d ago

What are you talking about? Halo rereremastered edition is the beast! Jk

Inception1427d ago

Nice! This will add more challenge for the players and more playing time too.

VsAssassin1427d ago

That new character with a gatling gun is gonna be the next bad ass character since Yurt and Scirvir in Demon's Souls, and Lautrec in Dark Souls.

The new sword-whip weapon looks like a Soul Calibur (Ivy) weapon. Me Likey!!!

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