GameSpot: SOCOM: Confrontation Hands-On

To this day, the SOCOM franchise remains the most popular of the PlayStation 2's online repertoire. But as the first game in the series to arrive on the PlayStation 3, the upcoming SOCOM: Confrontation faces a far different climate than its predecessors. With online connectivity out of the box and a much more painless network-registration process, PS3 owners already enjoy a wider selection of online shooters.

So how do the folks at Sony and Slant Six plan on competing in this new market? To answer that question, GameSpot were recently treated to a developer demo showcasing some of the game's new features, capped off by their own chance to play this tactical third-person shooter.

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eagle213768d ago

This one is looking awesome! They also show another picture of the headset bundled with the game. :)

King20083768d ago

And I want to kill all of the game of course. Online only game like this and warhawk are amazing.

rushbd3768d ago

gamespot is praising another ps3 game. what is wrong with the world...

cmrbe3768d ago

which is what all PS fans want imo. I don't like it if they praise the game though. Just give us their honset opinion and thats enough. Let the game speaks for it self.