Microsoft to ban fake Live accounts

If you're still one of the few persons that only have one single Xbox Live on their Xbox 360, you can stop reading here. If on the other hand you're one of the many thousands that have registered a second or third account in another region using region lockout circumvention, you will be interested to know that Microsoft is planning to ban those accounts soon.

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MicroGamer4370d ago

how the author seems to think that people will be getting screwed when they got caught doing something they shouldn't have been doing in the first place. Movies, music and games have region coding on them for a reason. You are violating someone elses distribution rights if you are downloading content from Asia or Europe on your N. American 360.

Capt CHAOS4370d ago

It's like saying something obvious like,

Shoplifters get prosecuted.

OFCOURSE, MS will ban fake live accounts.. Durgh.. I wouldn't expect anything less..

This is the reason, why I ditched Counterstrike on the PC and moved to playing it on the xbox.. Less cheaters..

Daewoodrow4370d ago


Damn. Well, looks like I wont be using the US movie download service anymore. And I wont be downloading American movie trailers. We don't even get movie trailers in the UK.

It may have been a region cheat, but that's totally unfair for people in the UK. We neer get any of the little perks over here. I'm pretty upset over this.

MissAubrey4370d ago

if it has the same content though is a mystery to me.

USMChardcharger4370d ago

well, the problem imo is not the people using it to go around region lock.

the problem is the people having multi accounts so they can act like a$$'s online or cheat and suffer no ramifications for their actions.

USMChardcharger4370d ago

one other thing:
some people might not consider this wrong but i feel it is taking advantage of newer players.

they will use another account to have a lower skill ranking so they can get matched with less skilled or new to the game players.

i guess to feel good about their selfs by beating up on lesser skilled players,thus making the whole skill system useless.

i know this is not what every uses multi accounts for...but it happens.

Caxtus7504370d ago

??? that has NOTHING to do with "fake" accounts. MS isnt stopping people doing that... if i wanted to then i could do that with an account in my own country and same adress. Ms are stoppping people creating accounts for difernet regions than their own ips. This is to stop content. Not "cheating"

USMChardcharger4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

where did you get that i said that is what they are doing??? stop cheating. i know they are not.

please read before you reply to someone.

my first sentence should have clued you in...since you missed it, here it is again:

"well, the problem imo is not the people using it to go around region lock."

"IT" being a different account than your actual account. yes i know you don't have to do a different address with what i am talking about.

did i really have to explain this to you? i hope not.

i just made an opinionated statement on something i think is lame for people to it lame?

well maybe not, but i believe it is.

Caxtus7504370d ago

ok sorry, my mistake :) and ye i do see what you mean, Halo2 was crawling with those people!

sorry for the misunderstanding! :)

USMChardcharger4370d ago

no big deal man. i THANK you for taking the time to respond with that.

and yes...i agree on your halo statement.

game on brother

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fartanspartan4370d ago

you have a imported a japanese 360 and you have a japanese account does that mean its going be banned because of your U.S ip address and what if you also use your american account on the japanese 360 does that mean that account will be banned as well.