PS3 emulator RPCS3 can now play over 20 commercial PS3 games

Earlier this year, a certain PS3 emulator known as "RPCS3" was announced by the RPCS3 team to have successfully emulated its first commercial PlayStation 3 game - Arkedo Series - 02 Swap!

In the months since that undoubtedly exciting announcement, the RPCS3 team has reportedly made consistent progress on the PS3 emulator project, leading to increases in speed, general improvements in accuracy, and most importantly, the successful emulation of over 20 commercially available PS3 games.

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decrypt2404d ago

This is great news, if we can play PS3 exclusives on the PC in 1080p 60fps will be great.

draconian0092404d ago

I don't think that is going to be even possible in the next 10 years. The emulator is improving a lot but it is still in very early phase in development. Look at the PS2 emulator PCSX 2. 13 years of development and still can't play certain games like Ratchet and Clank.

timmyp532404d ago

Extremely hard to replicate a PS3. Really basic games can run at like a slideshow but we are going to need a drastic increase in computing for regular end users to actually be able to use this within the next 10-15 years.

trickman8882404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

What are you smoking? Ratchet And Clank is compatible and playable with PCSX2. It's considered a demanding game, but it's still playable.

Saying "still can't play certain games like ratchet and clank" is wrong unless you've been living under a huge rock.

Dasteru2404d ago


It isn't really anything to do with computing power. Even a midrange ~$800 gaming PC can already technically emulate the PS3 a couple times over. It is just creating the code to get x86 to understand the Cell CPU. Cell has a very unique and complex architecture which isn't easy to code for even natively, let alone trying to emulate it on x86. The Sega Saturn still hasn't been well emulated yet for the same reason and it is 19 years old.

theshonen88992404d ago

Makes you wish Sony cared enough to make an emulator for the PS4 instead of expensive streaming game rentals.

badz1492404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I've been playing a lot more games available on the PS3 on pc since forever at higher resolutions! it's called PC gaming!

on a serious note, I don't see the point of this though. why does anyone wanna go through such hassles when the PS3 itself is cheaper than mid-range GPU nowadays and if you're really THAT cheap, piracy is widely available too on the PS3.

dboyman2404d ago

This is why we need a Phat PS4 with built in Cell/RSX processors. Ma be more expensive but you get FULL BC unlike inconsistent performance of a software emulator...

sinspirit2404d ago


It can't emulate a PS3 a couple times over. The fact is that even as weak the hardware of a PS2 is that technically because of how different it is to a PC you need a PC that is well over ten times it's power to play it at the level a PS2 does. The same goes for a PS3, but now the architecture is far far more complex to where getting it to a level to where a PC even twenty times as powerful as a PS3 is will take well over a decade from this point in time to play it at playable framerates whatsoever.

Now if what you mean is these games could be ported to a PC and work flawlessly then yes they can. But, there is never any way a PC can emulate it several times over because there is no perfect code, and we are far far from it. It takes a PC that is so drastically more powerful just to get any results. It's going to be really interesting though when this finally becomes playable.

Dasteru2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )


The general rule of thumb for emulation is 8x compute power. That rule does not change with a more complex architecture like the PS3s Cell. It just requires more complex code to get x86 to interpret it. Modern CNO gaming rigs are ~60x more powerful than the PS3 (~7-8x the power of a PS4). A $200 GTX 660 is 1.83 TFLOPS which is about 7.6x more powerful than the PS3s theoretical peak performance of 240 GFLOPS (A performance level it has never come close to reaching). Combine it with a decent CPU and in practical bench tests you are looking at an easy 10x power. More than enough for emulation once the code is worked out.

There is a very good probability that the PS4 will be fully emulated before the PS3 is.

kingduqc2403d ago

It's progressing faster then ps2 emulator... its stupid to think it will take a decade to be playable. I mean 5 months ago they where not able to draw more then 20trillangle and now they are ingame

Tzuno2403d ago

Ratchet and Clank? i can live without that game :)

ShinMaster2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Congratulations PC fans!

Now you can play 20 games from an 8 year old system!

You used to rag on these games and systems, but now you may feel free to brag about emulating them...

Ju2402d ago

Somebody needs to redefine "playable". None of those games stress the SPUs..if any at all. Those are all PPU/GPU based games and yet run like crap. Good luck and a long life to finish this out...I guess I'll gonna buy me a cheap PS3 5x over till this is done...

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Magicite2404d ago

it will take ages until they will be playable smoothly like the PS2 ones.

2404d ago
Canary2404d ago

Not "great" so much as "necessary" thanks to the crap Sony pulled with the PS4.

NuggetsOfGod2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Will ps4 emu come faster?

X86-64 pc with ddr4 ram and gddr6 will be enough?

What about with nvidia nv-link?

If so pfft..

kneon2404d ago

Both an XB1 and PS4 emulator should be much easier.

FromTheAshes2404d ago


"Both an XB1 and PS4 emulator should be much easier."

Emulating x86 on x86 is actually quite difficult according to this article.

That is why there is no fully working Xbox 1 (2001) emulator today.

user56695102404d ago

i rather just buy a ps3 if i didnt already have one. they should focus on making the ps2 emulator better and focusing on the ps4 and xbone emulator seeing how it should be an uphill battle like last gen consoles

Qrphe2404d ago

Right now it's all about silky-smooth, rock-solid 5fps on this emulator.

d3nworth12404d ago

I was going to let your comment slide but you need to be called out on your hypocrisy. You're the same one that put down consoles cuz their games are sooo expensive and PC games are so cheap. But the second an emulator gets announced you're willing to buy the same games that are sooo expensive. At least I assume you plan on purchasing these games and not pirating them cuz then you'll be a hypocrite and a thief.

decrypt2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Lol personally i wouldnt play any of the PS3 games as i hold no interest in them. However the option with the PC being able to emulate these games is awesome. Since someone else might use it. That is what PC gaming is all about OPTIONS.

As for the games prices, i am amused at your comment. Do you still feel PS3 games will be overpriced lol after all these years? I mostly comment on new game releases. Which is true console games are expensive which leads to console gaming being expensive in the long run.

Spartacus102403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

@ decrypt
Once again, you prove to be a hypocrite.

You talk of options and prices but forget that PC doesnt have the option to resell games which makes PC effectively makes gaming more expensive.

And once again, if you want to talk about getting free games, you are not only a hypocrite but also a criminal.

d3nworth12403d ago

You're the one that complains about console games overpriced even though there are AAA titles on Steam are launch for $60. COD AW, Far Cry 4, Assassin Creed unity all $60 on Steam. Sniper Elite 3 is actually cheaper on consoles than PC. Everybody has options. Console gamers have the option to wait for a price drop which usually happens after a month. They don't have to pay full price all the time as you make it out to be.

You are always using the excuse "console gaming cost you in the long run" What do you say to people who play on both console and PC? You never hear any of them complain and they spend as much as a console and PC gamers combined.

decrypt2403d ago

Wake up, unlike PSN or XBL Steam isnt the only PC gaming network. Games can be bought from many different networks at much cheaper prices.

I bought Far cry 4 for 47usd, Assissnscree unity for 45usd. Just because Steam gives a good service doesnt mean i buy all my games from them.

Christopher2403d ago

Or just buy a used one for $20 and play them all...

pixelsword2403d ago

Logic is as logic does...

XanderZane2403d ago

The 20 games they listed are mostly Indie games which are probably already on the PC. There's really nothing on the list I'd even want to play except maybe "Disgaea 3". They need to try to emulate like the Top 100 PS3 games on the platform and not the 20 most mediocre or worst. By the time they do this, gamers will be emulating PS4 & PS5 games on the PS6.

d3nworth12403d ago

No you wake up console gamers don't have to buy games from XBL and PSN most people don't. Amazon give good prices and there are tons of online and retail stores that give good prices. I got a PS4 at launch and didn't pay full price for it nor any of the game I have for it. Like I said everybody has options. Just like you can look around for games on PC you can do the same for consoles.

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imXify2404d ago

Let's call it "progress".

bsmith612404d ago

I look forward to emulating Demon's Souls and MGS4 in the future.

Transporter472404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Why not buy a ps3 and those games? Is not like you will spend a lot of money. Its wait 10 years or more or play them now for a little bit of money.

TardcoreGamer2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

I think some people would rather have one machine(pc) that plays it all instead of buying multiple machines(each individual console).

There are other advantages to emulation like upscaled resolutions and increased frame rates as well.

lemoncake2404d ago

I love emulators, they have enabled me too play machines that have long been out of production and would otherwise just be distant memories. Great to see progress being made.

JEW_UNIT2404d ago

They can run PS3 games, but nobody could create a emulator for the original xbox? I really want to play my old games, but don't want to get another xbox :(.

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