Hell's Highway demo incoming

via Strategy Informer:

"Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has confirmed there will be a demo for WW2 shooter Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

The oft-delayed Hell's Highway is the third entry in the Brothers in Arms series and has been in development for several years. Players take on the role of Staff Sergeant Matt Baker as he leads a squad from the 101st Airborne Division through Operation Market Garden, the disastrous campaign devised by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery.

In an interview with Pitchford stated that there will definitely be demos for the console versions, and "probably" a big demo for PC also, but could not say if they would be available before or after the release of the game. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is due to go on sale for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on 26th August."

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eddierivera3862d ago

omg,,, omfg,, aaaaaahhhhhhhh! I just gotta know when its coming before I have a panic attack and die from heart failure.

butterfinger3862d ago

I can't believe we really get to see what WWII was actually like! I can't believe no other game has ever touched on this setting!


AngryHippo3862d ago

....tell me about it. Im keeping an open mind about this game, it could be a good game even though the time frame for the game has been done again and again.

dachiefsman3862d ago

well i am excited, if you don't care about it why even post?

The squad combat is a blast not to mention the multiplayer.

butterfinger3862d ago

"well i am excited, if you don't care about it why even post?"

Well, to answer that question, it is because I am bored as hell in my office at work. lol. I usually only talk on here during work hours to pass the time more quickly. Anyways, seeing as you vouched for the game and it involves strategy (kinda like SOCOM?), I will definitely at least download the demo. Hell, it is free. lol

dachiefsman3862d ago

I hear yea on that work deal. The old ones were great I am sure this one will be on par. Out of all the WWII games Brothers in Arms have been my favorite. <yea even CoD2>

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wolfehound223862d ago

Never played any bother's in arms game where they any good

dachiefsman3862d ago

The game allows you to control 2 squads while keeping a first person view. You can't run and gun while hoping to survive. The game involves strategy and the past installs have had great stories as well.

definitely check out the demo...imo

crimsonfox3862d ago

i dont think it will suck but you never know

wow...i lost a bubble for making "you bought an xbox" feel stupid what an idiot how many accounts do you have loser omg this is so annoying that i cant tell you how gay you are

PoSTedUP3862d ago

id rather get this than battlefield.

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The story is too old to be commented.