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GR - This brawler layers tons of Nintendo character and charm with extreme variety in both choice and gameplay modes that evolve the fighting genre outside of the mainstream.

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Sev3298d ago

This is a game very much deserving of a perfect score. Really impressed with how much content there is and the sheer attention to detail.

Magicite3298d ago

too bad it wont move many WiiU units.

diepdiep3298d ago

Oops, clicked agree by accident.

christocolus3298d ago


How do you know that? This will definitly move some consoles this holliday and my sisters kids will be getting their wiiUs next week. Its so sad you devote all your time here on N4g to talking crap about anything that's not PS. Can't you be positive for once?

higgins783298d ago

Actually it will, obviously...yes, I know you were just trolling, but still. Besides, one thing I will NEVER understand is that are people like you gamers or marketing managers? The Dreamcast and Gamecube (for example) sold poorly, didnt stop them both housing some of the best games in recent times. In the end, nobody true gamer will remember which console sold more than which, just the memories of the great games they have played in their life.

No_Limit3298d ago

You can count on 3 things from PS fanboys here on N4G.

1. Talk about sales
2. Talk about 1080p and parity
3. Talk smack about games they can't play more than their own exclusives on their console of choice . Didn't LBP3 just came out? You wouldn't notice it here since there are hardly any comments on those reviews....well except when it receives low scores, then we can add in another category:
4. This ______(gaming site) is bias against Sony.

Wish the Open zone is back so we can have some wonderful conversation about the topic at hand instead of having a few trolls to crash the party all the time.

AJBACK2FRAG3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

You're bummin'.

novacav3298d ago

Don't you mean WiiUnits? Hah hah......

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MSBAUSTX3298d ago

And the perfect scores start! I can't wait for this to come out.

madeupname3298d ago

I can't wait to play this with my kids.

acharlez3298d ago

Can't wait to play 8-player smash!!

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Kakashi Hatake194d ago

Don't care what anyone says, Smash isn't a traditional fighting game. May as well call Powerstone and Playstation All Stars fighting games. They're more of an arena fighter /party game.

NotoriousWhiz194d ago

You don't have to care what anyone says. It's not a traditional fighting game. But it is a fighting game.

gerbintosh193d ago

Not according to the creator, Sakurai. Link below


192d ago
CrimsonWing69194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

I mean what makes them an arena fighter than say something like Tekken? Because there’s platforms?

NatsuXTheMaxspeed21193d ago

because theres a bunch of pokeballs and other random stupid stuff on stage that you can use at your advantage and flying ultra super power ball that you got to chase on the stage to get your ougi LMAO.

CrimsonWing69193d ago


I mean what it sounds like is they took a fighting game and “added” unique mechanics to it to me.

When I think arena game I think of things like Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand or Virtual-On.

Smash to me is a fighting game, they have fighting game tournaments for it. It just doesn’t jive with me to call it “not a fighting game” because you have poke-balls and platforms or because it has 4 players at once duking it out.

Power Stone I’d consider a fighting game as well. Hell, if you google what it is everyone calls these games “fighting games”. So yea, they’re fighting games…

Immagaiden193d ago

What’s next, you gonna say Mario Kart isn’t a racing game?

NatsuXTheMaxspeed21193d ago

oh its a racer but its not a realistic one like GT or Forza. only kids check for mario kart and smash .

Immagaiden193d ago

I didn’t say it was realistic. I said racing game. Does Burnout not being realistic make it not a racing game?

What does a demographic have to do with a genre? Do kids playing CoD make it any less an FPS? You see how ridiculous bringing up that subject is?

repsahj193d ago

"Only kids and kids at heart check for mario kart and smash".


FallenAngel1984193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Nobody said it was a traditional fighter. Everyone acknowledges it as a platform fighter

PSASBR & Power Stone are fighting games, the former being a platform fighter and the latter an arena fighter

gleepot193d ago

You're correct, it isn't traditional. It's a fighting game though.