DailyGame MGS4 review - 9.5/10

From the story and graphics to the numerous Easter eggs for the fans, Metal Gear Solid 4 is the Game of the Year so far, and if you have a PS3 you need to play it. We were skeptical that a Metal Gear title would be a killer app, but we were happily proven wrong.

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Condoleezza Rice3766d ago

...which Metacritic will ignore.

*Remembers Metacritic is under the CNET Umbrella*Ahh,it all makes sense now!

Captain Tuttle3766d ago

Why are some PS3 owners so paranoid?

crimsonfox3766d ago

what do i have to do so that metascore will get its crap together this is stupid already

You bought an Xbox3766d ago

You post so much crap your metascore is -10

Ha Ha

crimsonfox3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

thats why you have 1 bubble slapnut

you dissed me already wow talk about being a looser haha

Chronopath3766d ago

"Once you clear those hurdles, the Metal Gear Online starter pack provides plenty of fun, but it's an excruciating process to actually get online, and it's one that we never want to do it again. We thought EA's login system on Xbox Live was odd, but this takes the WTF cake. "

Haha. True, very true. Maybe they'll fix it... ? :( I hope so, especially since I think this could be turning many people off from playing MGO.

PirateThom3766d ago

It's not that big a deal to get a Konami ID now. During the beta it was bad, but now it's easy enough, you can even do it through the game, but I see no reason why it can't use PSN IDs.

AshleyRiot3766d ago

No more excruciating then registering to join this website to post.