People finding it hard to use Wii need to exercise more

This is the opinion of Perrin Kaplan vice president of Marketing & Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the physical nature of the Wii control system is giving people a work out they didn't expect.

A 12-year-old American girl said that playing on the Wii is "harder than playing basketball," and customs broker Ryan Mercer, who happens to lift weights says: "I was soaking wet with sweat, head to toe - I had to go take a shower." He also noted that the following day he had trouble putting his shirt on.

Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan appears to have no sympathy for aching gamers though, stating that "if people are finding themselves sore, they may need to exercise more."

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MicroGamer4341d ago

before people start getting hurt and then you'll see hundreds of lawsuits against Nintendo.

PS360WII4341d ago

we'll be seeing a whole new generation of video gamers with some big biceps!

Maddens Raiders4341d ago

I've been reluctantly saying for months now that the Ninty system will spawn a whole new generation of video game litigation when people start getting hurt and breaking things in their homes.

Alymon4341d ago

Heck I know I need to exercise more. I love the Wii because it allows me to get exercise while doing something I love. Gyms are boring to me. At least with the Wii I am having fun.

On the same note, at least with Wii Sports, its constantly reminding you to take breaks and to wear the wrist straps.

I'm sure there are warnings in the system manuals and in the game manuals.

You will likely see litigation related to it, but I'm sure it will not find Nintendo at fault (except in the case of a faulty product).

calderra4341d ago

I live in a country where MANY people won lawsuits against fast food companies for "forcing" them to eat their food and get fat.

Nintendo's going to get sued, and they're going to lose.

And that's a commentary about the legal system, not Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor4341d ago

IF and i say IF, the manual is full of warnings, then you lost the lawsuit from the beginning.

nintendo will say: have you read the manual? yess? then you have been warned CASE CLOSED.

UrbanJabroni4339d ago

But you clearly are not a lawyer or you have never been involved in any sort of lawsuit.

If a defendents product caused harm to the plaintiff, then no amount of "warnings" will protect you, especially a warning that you did not sign a waiver for.

I could put a million signs on my front lawn that say "ICY WALKWAY, DO NOT COME HERE", and if even one person disregards the sign and falls, I am liable for the damages.

There is no "escape clause" for civil litigation in the United States. Period.

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