SOCOM headset officially revealed

PS3 Fanboy: "The retail version of SOCOM Confrontation will include a Blu-ray headset. However, expect something much classier than the one included in the Warhawk bundle so long ago. This one is made specifically with gaming in mind -- and as such, earns the official PlayStation branding. The headset, which will also be available seperately from the game, is designed for long use and even includes a much-needed Mute button, a feature uncommon to most Bluetooth headsets. The device will also include a USB cradle, so that it can be charged via the PS3."

It says "Blu-ray headset", but I think they meant Bluetooth.

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jwatt3769d ago

Yes, I was tired of the Warhawk headset I cant to pick this up.

hack64643769d ago

I will definitely be picking this up. I lost my old headset and I need a new one badly.

znu3769d ago

definatly need a new one built with comfort in mind but warhawks mic also had a mute button, just click the button used to put it on/off and it will beep, it takes about 2-3 seconds to register it but it can

i want a quick mute option like the 360's where i just click and instantly off, is there any mic like that for ps3 (i dont care about wires)

The Phantom Agree3769d ago

I might pick one up

agrees and bubbles via bluetooth

I'm moving up baby!

ChampIDC3769d ago

Looks like a nice headset. I wish 360 had nice headsets like that.

deeznuts3769d ago

Yeah but what the hell is a Blu-ray headset. Do you mean Bluetooth?

Violater3769d ago

Am I the only one who realizes how uncomfortable the part that sticks into your ear is going to be?

Ghoul3769d ago

finally a decent headset

day one purchase :D

MikeGdaGod3769d ago

yeah i think i'll get this.

i lost 2 different headsets in two months. i'm going to keep this one in the house.

iHEARTboobs3769d ago

that it'll be around the same price as the warhawk bundle?

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BigKev453769d ago

Nice, but I have the playstation eye.

Alcohog3769d ago

So you are one of the noobs with all the background noise. Please buy this. :)

The Phantom Agree3769d ago

I'll give you a bubble even though people refer to you as a noob


ChampIDC3769d ago

Well aren't you bubble happy today. You must be having a good day, haha :)

Ghoul3769d ago

playstation eye voice SUCKS dude, your spamming all your teammates with noise of your room friends family and whatnot, please buy a headset ;D

shine13963769d ago

erm really?
I played more then a few games with friends who I know for sure use ps eye, like say for burnout paradise and I've not had that problem...I've got both but I prefer headset...oh and just so you know I really don't like the background noise either...but I think it's definitely think its someone with the wrong settings...

MisfitSmurf3769d ago

not really i use my ps eye and theres never any noise unless im talking :/ every once in a while it wont pick up my voice but thats not really an issue

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Wildarmsjecht3769d ago

in the 1up preview they say the headset can be charged while in use.

hack64643769d ago

The bluetooth I had was so old it ran on a battery.

ChampIDC3769d ago

Yeah, I'm usually a fan of wired headsets myself, but this one at least has the advantage of being chargeable. It would suck if it used batteries.

Le-mo3769d ago

I'll be picking up the bundle then.

PoSTedUP3769d ago

wired headsets break too often. i had like 8 for the ps2 and 2 for the ps3- thats like 300$ on mics yo. blue tooth is more reliable and more efficient. im always bull sh*tting with my friends so im always walking around the house with it. planitronics 220 explorer, is a good cheap blue tooth, good quality, reliable, got good reviews, i would suggest it. but i would also suggest the socom headset knowing that its got the technology thats in the EYE toy.

ChampIDC3769d ago

The only wired headsets I ever have break are the ones that I run over the wire with my computer chair too much XD

PoSTedUP3769d ago

well.. dont buy the socom wired hedsets cause they break for no reason and too often.