Sony says WII is a shadow of its former Self

Sony UK MD Fergal Gara said that the Wii, or the Wii brand, is currently a shadow of its former self. Then in a separate interview Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden said that the PlayStation Vita offers consumers better value for money than the Nintendo 3DS.

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insomnium21519d ago

Imo both of those statements are true.

acekaze1519d ago

Cant really agree with you, any console with has little support has the vita, has no value at all, everyone constantly complains about the Wii U having no games, wich its not true, even tough lacks 3rd party support theres still alot of exclusives, and also is also being nicely supported by the nintendo for the next year at least, has for the vita....

Snookies121519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

The Vita has some really awesome games, and still has support. Otherwise we wouldn't be seeing hardly any titles coming out for it. The fact is, 2014 has been the Vita's biggest year, just as 2014 has been the Wii U's biggest year. Do some research and see what games released for the Vita this year, then tell me it has no support.

I've been using my Vita as much or more so than I used my Gameboy Advance, and even my Nintendo DS from back in the day. I still have yet to even pick up half the games I want for it. (I've been far too busy with PS1, PSP, PSN, PS+ games on top of Vita releases.) Considering I've owned it since it launched in North America, I'd say that's quite successful for those who are into the types of games it offers.

acekaze1519d ago

I agree you know, i agree that the vita is pretty good, and there are some fabulous games in it, but when Sony comes with statements like this, i retracted right away from buying the console, and i think everybody else did the same.

insomnium21519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I was talking about sales in Wii vs Wii U case and value in Vita vs DS case. Vita is clearly the better console spec wize but that doesn't reflect on the pricing afaik.

Concertoine1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Kind of glad the Wii U isnt a big hit like the Wii. Now all the software in the pipeline is catering to a more hardcore audience. The company needed a wake-up call.

The vita is decent, but its software is increasingly limited to Japan. While it beats the wii u in indies, the wii u beats it in AAA games.

Honestly if you like the Vita and find it has enough games to satisfy you, there is no reason to knock the Wii U.

thelwebb1001518d ago

I think any real gamer would agree that Wii U has the better lineup over XB1 and especially Sony this holiday. This holiday is disappointing for 3rd party games in my opinion and I only own an XB1. Lol the 3DS absolutely dominates the Pita.

InTheLab1518d ago

The Vita has been the biggest waste of money for me. Sure everyone is "happy" with the titles coming out now but that's not what Sony sold me years ago. I was promised a PS3 like experience but 1st party doesn't exist and a 2 year old port is the last major game coming to the system.

While the games on the WiiU are not in my taste, at least Nintendo has made an effort this year. Sony couldn't be bothered to pump out a thing more than disappointment after disappointment with the exception of inFamous SS.

So yeah the PSV and PS4 are probably the best consoles tech wise but Sony's lack of support is well below what I come to expect after 20 years of excellence.

kreate1518d ago


I agree there are broken promises on the vita.

But i will buy ur vita off ur hands any day due to its capabilities.
As long as ur not selling me retail price.

Sony is supporting 3 platforms so i believe they are going through a shift change towards the ps4.

1-2 year of a little drought for a platform that is fairly new isnt much to criticize about. Especially since ps3 had a ton of exclusives for the past 2 years.

Sony has a bunch of exclusives, it just gets seperated between the 3 platforms.

The 360 went 5 years w no exclusives.

But if ps4 fails on the exclusives department for another 2 years than yea... Its a big epic fail.

ShinMaster1518d ago

Aren't we talking about the Wii?

Yeah, let's steer the subject towards the Vita instead of the discussing the topic at hand... /s

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Bigpappy1519d ago

CWhy does Sony need to make that statement. Knocking the competitors products is never good PR. That stuff is done by fanboys. Sony can't have staff acting in the same manner as 12 and 14 year old fanboys

insomnium21519d ago

OMG have you not been around last gen when turn10 and Adam Greenburg went ballistic with their BS?

miyamoto1519d ago

The Wii U is proof that "the Wii is a shadow of its former self". There is no denying that. Even Nintendo themselves admit that.

Nintendo: We have failed to establish Wii U as a "worthy" Wii successor
President Satoru Iwata says "We have so far failed to make propositions worthy of Wii U's position as a successor to the Wii system."

by Eddie Makuch on October 31, 2013

The Wii U has struggled so far, selling 3.91 million units globally since launch, below Nintendo's expectations for the platform. Part of the difficulty of getting the platform off the ground comes down to Nintendo's inability to release games and services that demonstrate the Wii U's novelty relative to the original Wii, president Satoru Iwata has said.

"Except for its backward compatibility with existing Wii software and accessories, we have so far failed to make propositions worthy of Wii U's position as a successor to the Wii system," Iwata said during Nintendo's second quarter financial results briefing."

Sony just acknowledged Nintendo's statement and PS4 will pick up their slack. How generous of Sony. Its a noble mission for PS4 & I know its the only next gen console capable of doing just that given its mass market appeal around the world.

Isn't that nice, dear?

-Foxtrot1519d ago

Why do you have to take these kind of statements the wrong way

Eonjay1519d ago

He was probably asked. In all seriousness, when compared to the Wii, the Wii U is a shadow of its former record breaking self. Thata can't be denied. In the same way, you could say that every console is a shadow of the PS2 (including the PS3).

Why o why1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I agree with what big pappy is saying. Keep it classy sony. Some questions don't have to be answered but ms supporters like big pappy cant say eff all about what x says about y unless they were the type that cringed and piped up every time green(oh so quiet now)berg opened his trap like he's doing yeah, I'll shoot the messenger on this occasion because of their blinkered hypocritical nature.

MSBAUSTX1518d ago


Your sales numbers are accurate if you multiply them by about 2. Maybe get a calculator buddy. It will help you not look so wrong. They are approaching 8 million sold. Good job loosing any credibility you had though.

ShinMaster1518d ago

Are you serious?

Also, Nintendo have been very vocal about next-gen consoles recently.

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ritsuka6661519d ago

They are just jelous. Nintendo has risen their sells the last month with smash

ShinMaster1518d ago

Yeah, Sony is so jealous that their PS4 more than doubled the sales of the Wii U in less than a year.

What they said is true. Many fans will agree with statements made about the Wii. However, now that Sony said it, I expect many of those fans to become defensive.

TheWatercooler1519d ago

It's tough but it is true. Here's hoping Nintendo can turn things around on their next console

marloc_x1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Fair enough, nothing wrong with pride in your work :)

I've enjoyed Vita.

gangsta_red1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I see Sony is going back to their old Jack Tretton days when he called the 3DS a babysitting device and other insults he threw at Nintendo.

Do you also remember that insomnium2 or do you only bring up the times of MS from long, long ago?

The 3DS is a way better value and a better experience than the Vita. The games it has for it this year alone makes it a better value and investment. But if I wanted to play obscure, otaku school girls with huge boobs and samurai swords, then yea, the Vita would be my first choice.

deafdani1518d ago

I can see the point of the Wii brand being a shadow of its former self (sales-wise, at least), but the other comment about Vita being better value than the 3DS? LOL. Sure, buddy. Sure.

N4g_null1518d ago

I don't know. There are a ton of highly rated games coming. That actually are way better than the wii. The wii brand is changing into the hardcore brand many reviewers wanted. Yet the ps4 has had 1st efforts that are just mediocre and a bunch of promises. Trying to deflect is not working. Fix your games sony you are supposed to have the better console so there is no excuse. Other than the fact that sony has lost a ton of talent and are skating along on good faith from drm angered xbox fans.

Bayo2, smash, karts and xenoblade incoming. I hope blood born works for sony. That literally their last chance to top smworld pikman, w101, dkc,mario u and Luigi u first year out put.

Or maybe he is talking about 3rd parties. Ouch watch dogs, titanfall, destiny, acunity, and opps drive club. Killzone and second son largely panned also. Sony needs to raise their game play quality. Pretty isn't cutting it along.

With all the different layoffs sony might actually be in trouble exclusive wise. This all stems from their financial issues also. Pretty sad.

Now sales wise sony pr won big. That is literally all they have. It's too bad that money didn't fix drive club and even lbp3 only gets a 8.6ish score at the most. It reminds me of a looser afraid of someone better passing him. If blood born sucks gameplay wise we will have one year of mediocrity for sony. The ps line will be sony new pc division since they won't be making new fans with boring pretty story games for long.

Sony better get it together or they will be taken out. This gen is not over Amiibo are sold out most games on the wiiu are 9 and up. The 3ds just won the handheld battle. I'm sure some people are ready to reward some one for their hard work and putting sony under fire is in your best interest if you already own a ps4. Stand up and buy a wiiu and smash and have some fun come Christmas day with the whole family. Oh and Sony is going casual anyway. I mean look at those games they released I'd go casual also.

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Rainbowcookie1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Come now play nice... Wii lacking games, Ps4 lacking games this fall , but 2015 might start with a bang or is it end with a bang for both.

Nintendo is in a hard dark place at the moment. If they release a next machine it needs to be powerful and creative enough to take on the next gen after Xbox1 and Ps4 do it to soon and it's underpowered , do it to late and it competes directly. They have always been pro japan Asia( which isn't wrong) but the majority of Japanese people play mobile games on the go now since they work hard and don't have much free time. The one thing the WiiU did right was backwards compatibility and I co consider it a pro. One thing is certain Nintendo is desperate I have never heard them talk negatively about the competition ... sounds a bit desperate

Ol_G1519d ago

I don't understand these statements are from Sony so who do you mean with desperate cause Nintendo wasn't the one being interviewed

LOL_WUT1518d ago

Most likely from the statements Miyamoto made saying that the games the competition offers are boring and Reggie's statement on the Wii U being a better value lets not turn a blind eye ;)

The 10th Rider1519d ago

The 3DS can play DS games, has some awesome virtual console games, AND it has it's own great library. It can easily be found for less than the Vita.

If you're talking about value for money...I'm pretty sure the 3DS wins.

The Vita has its strengths, but value for money compared to 3DS is not one of them.

Protagonist1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

And the PS Vita can´t play, PSmobile, PS1, PSP, stream from a PS4??

Besides a PS Vita almost goes for the same money as a 3DS today and it plays the exact games I want to play. Seems like the PS Vita is the better deal for me, and I am pretty sure lots of others feel like me...

The old nintendo clichés are over, time to brush them the off.

Justindark1518d ago

stream? lol wow great feature ;) 3ds can be use as a remote for smash has more and better games way cheaper more durable better costumer service with nintendo. that alone is a better value. i was gona get a vita then realized meeeeeeh ill pass lol

Knushwood Butt1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Totally off topic, but cool avatar. I watched it just the other day.

He's just spotted a rat turd.