MS teams up with Samsung to offer Xbox 360 integrated LCD TV's

A source who wishes to stay anonymous (should strongly be treated as a RUMOR) has informed maxconsole that Microsoft has teamed up with Samsung to release its Xbox 360 in other electronics (TV sets). He provided them with what he deems to be the X-Series LCD (XS40R360A model to be exact and claims it will feature the following - built in Xbox 360, 4 USB ports, 512MB HDD space, power button right of light and is set for a November 2008 release in US and Europe. Even if it doesn't turn out to be real, it's a great concept!

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Mr_Showtime15453d ago

I actauly spoke to my friend a few weeks ago about the next xbox or PS having the option to buy it built into a tv(or a seperate box if you wish) this way you could have the best graphics the console could produce etc.

however 512mb disk space??

That could be a problem

pharmd5453d ago

they couldnt effeciently cool it before it was coupled with a heat producing tv, how is thig going to pan out......

in all seriousness, this isnt a surprise... this is actually a good idea

5453d ago
dachiefsman5453d ago

@Mr. Showtime: /agree with the 512MB that is stupid

@Negative: well considering its being manufactured by Samsung I doubt the RRoD should be an issue. nice attempt at reusing a played out joke though...

juuken5453d ago (Edited 5453d ago )

Negative...rofl. That cracked me up.
But let's hope that this doesn't have any RROD issues.

Pornlord5453d ago

That's funny, Sony and Samsung are sister companies now. They have been sharing TV tech patents since 2004. MS would have to use Sony patent parts in it's TV for this story to be valid. Not saying it's not true, just thought I'd point that out.

kevoncox5453d ago

To the guy above. MS and Sony work together on Sony Viaos and ( i think) Sony smartphones. This is just 1 aspect that they are competing in. Also i think all profits of this will go to Samsung. So it would be Samsung competing with Sony.

kevnb5453d ago

microsoft wouldn't be making the tv, so samsung would be the one using microsoft patents lol

MikeGdaGod5453d ago (Edited 5453d ago )

all i can say is make sure you get that Best Buy extended warranty.

saved my life.........a couple of times


something else i just thought about.........if you want HD playback, you'll still have to buy a ps3. so what's the point???

Pornlord5453d ago

That may be tru kev, but I don't think all the profits will go to Samsung, my only point was, a lot of companies will be making money from this venture if they actually choose to do it.

kevoncox5453d ago

HD playback?
Hey smarties, you can still watch HD TV. You can hook up a blu-ray player( should be sub 200) pretty soon. If you bought the TV and 360 seprate, you wouldn't be able to play blu-ray either. Why bring it up.

deeznuts5453d ago

Dumb idea. Some things you can effectively bundle together (like an audio receiver) but this, no way.

Unless the price increase is negligible, what if you want to upgrade your tv?

DG5453d ago

About HD playback (BluRay): its not true if Samsung is paying MS for the license they can put anything on top of the 360 hardware including BluRay drive. It would be costly but its possible (then again BR read only drives will cost the consumer $100 by years end even less to MFGs). And I doubt MS would object. Maybe this is what they meant that they would not be releasing any BR driver with the 360 but still supports the rumours/claims that Xbox is getting a BR drive. And Sony was talking about doing this with their DVD players with the PS2 but it never happend, I wonder why. Yes Sony bots MS is copying Sony again start flaming, but regardless its a good idea and an easy way to make money and get more consoles out there.

mikeslemonade5453d ago

Microsoft with this idea they're just not ready to even be thinking about this. They need shrink the console first and then make sure it's reliable enough to be put into the TV.

And if this is like the next generation consoles then I can make a whole list of negative things about this idea. Top reason is freedom. Not everyone wants the same kind of TVs and the same company.

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actionjackson5453d ago

This is an interesting concept, to say the least. Isn't it interesting that all consumer electronics are eventually going to get integrated into each other. This reminds me of a computer model, which has many components manufactured by muliple manufacturers. I.E. Intel processor, Asus motherboard, maxtor hd, NVidia graphics card, etc. This is an interesting step in integrative electonics. But who's going to run the warranty? Is Samsung buying the X360, like a computer part, and selling a complete system, or are the companies tied in this together? Thoughts anyone?

power of Green 5452d ago (Edited 5452d ago )

It will be intresting to see if the two parties come up with some sort of interchangeable design for upgrades and future Xbox's I'm going to say yep the 360 only has its core hardware built in; as it is.

This is such a badass idea it is no wonder fans of the competition are in here with their sour grapes attatude(meaning it would be a great idea if this was about their fav console).

A TV with advanced Multi-media capabilities built in.(Video-chat, IPTV when available, Movie service possibly Netfix by launch and gaming etc). WoW.

Having two LCD's they output mad heat but at the same time I'm sure with the right design and new innovative technoligy it would seem all they would have to do is keep the multi-media hardware below the screen in the back side of the LCD lol(heat rises right out of them).

AAACE55452d ago

I always liked the idea of having the stuff I like compiled into one specific item. But this is a bad idea if true! It's just like the TV VCR/DVD combo! If one breaks you have to either go without, or pay high prices to get it fixed... not to mention if you have to pay to get it shipped somewhere! Not attacking the 360's reliability issues, but just pointing out that if something goes wrong with any product I buy, I want to be able to make multiple decisions of how to deal with it!

NegativeCreep4275452d ago (Edited 5452d ago )

This Website is totally flawed, the comment I posted yesterday that was above (at 1.2) was NOT A SPAM POST (if it was truly SPAM, why did that comment get about 27 agrees???), yet all these xbox idiots who didn't like my comment because it was an honest observation and all report my comment as spam and the moderators here at N4G don't have their own opinion (or they just can't read) and can't decide for themselves on what to remove by just looking at a so called "offensive" posts and make a decision based on their own ideas of what is truly spam and what is not.

I'll repost my comment that was reported as spam and anyone here with an independant logic can decide for themselves whether it was spam or not: Great, not only will the RROD affect you're xbox 360, now it will also F-Up you're TV. Smart Move...Two birds with one stone, like they always say...

Was that comment above spam? Really? I have seen things directed towards the PS3 that are at least 3 times more "spam-worth" then that. I guess all the moderators here are xbox fanboys as well. They must have the attitude of "you mess with the xbox 360, you mess with US!!!!, and we won't stand for that, so we will silence you by deleting an honest observation because WE love to play ignorance on the Xbox 360's many technological flaws"

cito35th5452d ago


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P4KY B5453d ago

Mobile phones all have more than 512Mb.

Maybe it should have been GB

Can you even buy 512MB for a PC these days?

shotputking5453d ago

could be a typo... but that's also the size of the memory cards, if i'm not mistaken...

whoelse5453d ago

Oh yh how many 512GB hard drives do you see around.

They usually 300GB, 400GB, 500GB etc

shotputking5453d ago

i wonder if that would mean you could connect it to another storage device through usb??
i'm planning on buying both another tv and another xbox soon... i wonder what the timing would be for a release of something like this?

Fishy Fingers5453d ago

So it's the arcade base model. If the idea behind that is to keep costs low then they really need to allow people to use 3rd party external HDD's.