Xbox 360 Cosmetic Case Mods:- Halo 3, Xbox360 Laptop, Rockstar-360

XboxOZ360 writes:

Here are some great new cases we've dug up, this time it is an excellent looking Halo 3 Case-Mod that really does look brilliant. Click on any of the pics for a closer look as the detail work in this is very inspiring indeed. Check the detail in the surrounding ground and the man-cannon as well. An eye for detail is what is needed in modeling like this, and this guy (or girl) has put a great deal of effort and thought into this.

But that aside, this case-mod certainly deserves a great deal of credit to its builder/creator. Making it a worthwhile talking point in any gamers home, or any collectors home for that matter. From someone who used to build 24th scale hot rods and street machine models, I sure do appreciate the fine details that have gone into this particular Xbox 360 Case-Mod.

Enjoy the pics (after the jump).

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Godem3765d ago

That is a AWESOME looking box!

Shaka2K63765d ago

Hahahahahahaha that sounds so qu33r.

XboxOZ3603763d ago

Well seeing that we are an "Official Xbox Community Site", we can't use the words like "Modded, Modified" etc, so they are in fact simply "cosmetic" or superficial mods . .