Five new screenshots Alan Wake

Alan Wake is without a doubt one of the most promising games announced so far. Unfortunately release is scheduled for 2008, so patient is required. Today five new screenshots to remind you what we're waiting for.

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THWIP4344d ago

...and the source requires a login/pass. Please host the pics, and post links. :)

THWIP4344d ago

...that's because he changed the link, m8. ;)

SuperSaiyan44344d ago

Look at the pic which shows the explosion, a square tyre???

power of Green 4344d ago

The 360 is really starting to nail true next-gen.

DJ4344d ago

I didn't realize tires had 8 sides. =P
Other than that though it looks good. Polygon count is a bit on the low side, but the awesome textures hide that shortcoming. BTW, I love how characters' feet can go right through asphalt. The foliage is top-notch too.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4344d ago

Is it 08 in the UK or late 07 in the US of A ?

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