PSW review Guitar Hero Aerosmith

How much do you like Aerosmith out of 10? Because that's the score you should write in the top of this page. Just stick a sticker on your screen over the 6, get a blood red crayon like the one PSW uses for its review scores and write the new number on it. Congratulations! You have just completed your first ever review!

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butterfinger3767d ago

I agree with the score completely. I hate how they put these Guitar Hero games out with just new songs for the same hefty price. I'm glad Rock Band just provides us with tons of add-on content:)

wolfehound223767d ago

Ya talk about milking another franchise. I may rent it, because I do not mind Aerosmith. But there is no way I'm buying this. I may buy GH4 or whatever its called now. I don't like to keep buying these games since all there are is new songs, but I like to play them and unfortunately it will probably be the only way to get new songs come winter.
It's like madden I like the game, but every year it gets out dated I wish they would just add an update and then maybe a new game ever other year.