Xbox 360 HD-DVD Q&A

Next Friday will see the release of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive in Europe. The XCN recently interviewed Harvey Lee, Platform Marketing Manager for Xbox 360 Europe about the drive.

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SuperSaiyan44342d ago

I really hope its not delayed again!!

FreeMonk4342d ago

I'm from the UK, and I'm going to hold back on the HD-DVD for the X360.

Reason being? Region Coding. The UK always gets crappy versions of movies, or we have to wait months for movies to be released when they've been in the states for ages.

Soooo....will a US HD-DVD X360 work on a PAL X360??

THWIP4341d ago

...that guy was BRUTAL; he slammed Sony on EVERY POINT. O_o

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4341d ago

I have it and it works perfectly . The picture in comp. or vga is lifelike. For the price nothing can touch it !

MicroGamer4341d ago

HD-DVD has an edge over Blu-Ray, anyway. I saw a comparison of three movies in both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats, and the HD-DVD versions came out on top in all three comparisons. HD-DVD is also currently outselling Blu-Ray by a wide margin. I don't believe that PS3 is going to influence the market for Hi-Def movies like Sony thinks it will. In the end it's going to end up on the shelf alongside Betamax, Mini-Disc and UMD.

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