New DC Universe Online Details Emerge

Some new details have emerged of DC Universe Online, the new PC and PS3 MMO in development at Sony Online Entertainment.

In this month's Edge magazine, executive creative director Jim Lee describes DC Universe as a "kick-ass hybrid between a traditional MMO and a first-person action console game".

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Condoleezza Rice3763d ago

But I was more hyped for the DC Universe game,simply because of the Star power.

mikeslemonade3762d ago

I'm not a fan of superheros but i'm excited to hear the things about this game. A unique game like this is always welcomed on the console.

Silogon3763d ago

I don't like Marvel characters. They seem more like Si-fi action stars than super heros. Well, save for a few like spiderman and such. DC characters are always very super by nature and of course the Flash is without a doubt the best super hero of all time.

crimsonfox3763d ago

doesnt know anything marvel's characters are alot better than dc's you cant even name 10 off the top of you head there all boring and superman has to be the lamest "give him everything" his weakness is a rock come on "the flash" are you serious
your just saying that cause you girlfriend called you that in high school...

Bnet3433762d ago

dude Marvel will always be better then DC. DC has a few good heroes, marvel is more creative, they have a whole bunch that are all good.

mikeslemonade3762d ago

You two are just jealous that the marvel mmo got canceled for the 360.

Jinxstar3762d ago

Well marvel is more diverse for sure. Many more hero's in their world where as DC seems to be going a lot more with their Vertigo franchises and stuff lately. I also prefer DC but I feel for a "Massive" game like this Marvel might be better suitd. Better boss fights and players wont have OP "Superman" powers. Maybe wolverine or rogue or Gambit type powers... That is however "harder" to do in the DC universe. I hope they get it right.

I played city of hero's/villan's I hope this pays off and learns from that MMO and refines it.

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lodossrage3763d ago

I have to admit the Marvel one had my interest more. I love DC too. But I have a deeper understanding of marvel than I do DC.

Plus DC's characters are made out to be too perfect. Marvel's characters have a much more human element to them. And that element makes them seem a bit more real rather than the perfect, overpowered characters you see in DC.

As I said before, don't get me wrong. I'm a HUGE fan of BOTH. And when this DC game comes out. I'm getting the ps3 version no question.

Silogon3763d ago

"Plus DC's characters are made out to be too perfect"

That's why they're SUPER HEROS!! C'mon, man.

lodossrage3763d ago

I see your point.

But look at how comics have evolved over the years. The stories are more matured. The situations are closer to things that happen in everyday life now more than ever.

With that said, the idea of DC heroes having this "perfect" image in an imperfect world doesn't seem as cool as it once was. Instead of being intriguing, it makes things cheesy.

avacadosnorkel3763d ago

"Marvel's characters have a much more human element to them."

You're kidding, right?

They're basically all mutants on Marvel.

lodossrage3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Two things:

First of all, not every character in Marvel as association to a team that starts with "X"

Secondly, when I say human element, I mean the emotions of the characters, the vulnerabilities, and their actual fictional life situations. If you read comics over the years it's easy to see the difference between Marvel and DC in terms of the human element

whateveryousay3762d ago

"They're basically all mutants on Marvel."

You must not read many marvel comics if you make comments like that. Lodossrage is correct. Human element means the situations parallel normal everyday trials and tribulations of life. And yes, Marvel has that more than DC without question.

The gaming GOD3762d ago

Bubbles for you. Only a true comic collector would realize that. Marvel truly does have a higher human factor to it. They deal with adultish situations in their books so much more than DC does


Marvel consists of MANY more characters than just mutants.

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MK_Red3763d ago

I really think instead of DC universe, they should create a singleplayer Batman Universe, a deep and complex sandbox game starring the Dark Knight. Not a rushed product like Hulk or Spiderman 3 games but a deep sandbox game with Batman as the star.

Bnet3433762d ago

enough with the sandbox games, I think we've had enough of those for a while don't cha think?

MK_Red3762d ago

Come on, a sandbox game taking place in Gotham with Batman would be awesome.

ReaperXL73763d ago

Change Batman to Superman and i'd agree with you, not that I don't like Batman but Superman has always been my favorite DC superhero and I just really want atleast one developer to finally make a good Superman game.

Is it really that hard to make a game for THE superhero? I say the because he was technically the first, and easily the most imitaded to date, hell Stan Lee even admited that Superman helped push him to create Marvel.

MK_Red3762d ago

I understand you love for Superman and he definitly at least deserves one good game but personally, I'm a Batman fan and find him the only interesting mainstream hero. Superman, Spider-man and the rest DC and Marvel heroes don't interest me much so I'm going for Batman.

DeckUKold3762d ago

There's spiderman the Xmen thor ironman hulk fantastic four blade etc i can go on 4ever but come on they destroy batman

MK_Red3762d ago

I really don't care much about mainstread heroes like Hulk, Spider man. Marvel or DC, they all feel shallow IMO. Only DC's Vertigo comic characters are cool enough IMO.
The reason I still defent Batman, a mainstream hero, is because of Frank Miller's Return of the Dark Knight and of course, the new Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

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