Playstation Store Update 11/18 Deals Starting at $3 Each Games

Techtorial: U.S Playstation Store Sale For 11/18 revealed.

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Snookies121522d ago

SSX for $2.99? Grabbing that up for sure. The Mass Effect deals are really great as well.

Crazyglues1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 --> I almost want to buy that so I can go back to when Battlefield was awesome to play in multi-player...

Man I had a blast on that one, for 2.99 it's worth buying just to have a classic in my library. Sadly no one is playing it anymore last time I checked servers could not find a game and that was over a year ago..

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Dirtnapstor1522d ago

Loved the MP! The Vietnam expansion was particularly sweet. DICE needs to switch it up whereas you could co-op it with bots at the very least...considering like you said, no one is hardly ever playing. I could never hook up with friends the way it was set up. Had to send messages and work the timing to land in the same game. Sometimes worked.

GenericNameHere1522d ago

Anyone can tell me the download size for the Mass Effect games individually? For that price, I might be willing to pick them all up. Confession: I've never played a single ME game :(

newflesh1521d ago

Mass Effect - 10.7GB
Mass Effect 2 - 12.1GB
Mass Effect 3 - 14.03GB

Agent_00_Revan1521d ago

I just finished replaying the whole Trilogy, with all the DLC this time. It was an Amazing 3 months. I'm sad it's over. Approx 60 hours each game. You are in for a real treat when you do. You Really need to get some of the DLC to get the full experience.

PSN labels the Trilogy download at 34GB, plus DLC and patches, you're looking at 40GB easily.

And Hurry, I just checked and it looks like all the good DLC is on sale for $4.49 a piece! I paid $10-15 each for some of those!!

You Have to get the following DLCs: Citadel, Omega, Leviathan, & From Ashes. Each of those is for Mass Effect 3. And they all are really big in the story. The Citadel is an Amazing DLC that was a big Thank You to the fans for the series. Omega and Leviathan are good, they really fill some story gaps. And From Ashes adds a big character to your roster. As well as Tons of story you'll miss if you don't have it.

And don't forget to get the ME3 Extended Cut, it's FREE!