Dark Alex/M33 Team to abandon 1.50 Kernel

Looks like Team M33 & Dark Alex are going to be removing/disabling support of the 1.50 kernel add-ons for their Custom PSP Firmwares starting with the release of M33 4.0 sometime this week.

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Azures3769d ago

I can understand the move. Pretty much anything you needed the kernel for is working on current firmwares now (emulators, etc.), and it works for phat psps anyway which are becoming a rarer commodity.

Keep on trucking Alex & M33, hopefully everything works with 4.00m33

The Phantom Agree3769d ago


Wait, I don't even know what this means (do I care? I should research this)

Agrees and bubbles to you and the next three replies to your comment

LJWooly3769d ago

Agrees and bubbles to The Phantom Agree, and the next three replies to my comment.

Pornlord3769d ago

I've not been following Alex latelty, looks like he's into some good things though. Need to read up on it. Go M33!

Wildarmsjecht3769d ago

Woot LJ handing out bubbles!!

I cant wait for the 4.0 though. Wanna keep playing my old nes games.

The Phantom Agree3769d ago

As agreed bubbles and agrees for you

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r-nice3769d ago

Piracy is killing the PSP.

Azures3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Or helping it flourish, its a gray area.

Piracy isn't as rampant as people believe. As a psp pirate myself I can say its quite the involved and complicated process for the Slim. The phat was very easy to hack but that was the past.

tatotiburon3769d ago

Killing?? is because Dark Alex that the PSP is not dead right now

f7897903769d ago

That is definitely killing the psp. NOT! Its nice to try out any game before buying though. That probably decreases a few sales since I can steer clear of crappy games.

princejb1343769d ago

i wouldnt even buy a psp if it wasnt for dark alex

verb3k3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )


DX F3NIX3769d ago

very true. i wouldn't have bought a psp if it wasn't for Dark Alex and Team M33

Strife Lives3769d ago

I researched everything on M33 firmware.surprized myself,chopped up the battery to make a pandora battery. Downgraded from Ofw 3,70 to M33 2,80 then to M33 3,70 ,and the rest is history.why? I dont copy psp games,nope.but. . .I do. . .love playing Dino Crisis 2 and Gran Turismo 2 on the go :D ,and btw,Dark Alex,dude,u and Team M33 are a bunch of geniuses. Keep up the great work. Lol Sony and M33. their like I.S.A Vs Helghast lol. m33 is the I.S.A Lol.

f7897903769d ago

I knew there was something missing from my psx collection on my psp. I completely forgot about Gran Turismo 2. Definitely playing that on the plane this Thursday.

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