Media Molecule: It's "Seat-of-the-Pants" Time

LittleBigPlanet creative director Mark Healey tells Next-Gen that the pressure is on at Media Molecule, the developer that's arguably the PS3's biggest flag-bearer of 2008.

"We are now getting close to finishing LittleBigPlanet – it's due for release in October so that doesn't leave us much time," Healey told us in a recent interview.

"At the moment we're basically making proper seat-of-the-pants last minute changes and panicking about everything. There's a lot of pressure to live up to but the game's looking really good and it's shaping into something that I know we're going to be proud of here at Media Molecule."

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butterfinger3862d ago

I'm glad to hear that LBP is looking to hit its October release date:)

Steveo68903862d ago

it is great to see that they are going for it i have been looking forward to a game like this for ever (like since i have started playing games) never could find a better looking one than this

celtics383862d ago

one of the great games of this fall Good Times

Sevir043861d ago

september sees teh release of Socom, october LBP November is Resistance 2 and prolly december we'll into Motorstorm 2:pacific rift. I cant wait.

and i'm sure their will be some surprizes that they'll show for E3 that'll make it into this year i cant wait.

Rom8283861d ago

Don't forget Fallout 3.

The fall is going to be a great time for gamers :)