GWN reviews Race Driver:Grid

GWN reports:

''Codemasters should be crowned the new king of the racing genre. That is a big statement to make when industry giants Bizzare Creations and Polyphony Digital are pushing their genre defining franchises. Thankfully the statement isn't made without good reason, and the proof of two great titles that bring back the solid core component of a good racing game, making racing fun.

The hardcore crowd may be remised to find that you won't focus on tweaking ratios, upgrading to the top tier package, or making sure the right wheels are on your car. Instead you focus on making that final heart pounding turn around the mountain, or nailing the shifting down that long straightaway. GRID focuses on just that, the excitement of racing down a road at breakneck speeds, jamming the breaks around the hairpin turns and sliding across the finish line in first place.''

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