Game Chronicles reviews Guitar Hero:On Tour

Mark Smith reports:

''Guitar Hero has invaded every facet of our existence and the fever isn't letting up anytime soon. Karaoke Night at the local pubs has been replaced with Guitar Hero competitions; kids will stand in line at store kiosks to rock out with germ-infested guitars to the delight of onlookers, even though they have their own game and guitar at home. The infatuation has gotten so bad you can even play a 3-fret version of the game on your cell phone.

So when Guitar Hero was finally announced for the NDS I probably wasn't as surprised as I was puzzled that it took this long to arrive. I also had my doubts about how well a game that relies solely on the tactile immersion of a guitar controller would work when you remove the guitar. No offense, but that cell phone version really sucks.

I've just spent the past week with the final shipping version of Guitar Hero: On Tour and I have to admit, it was time well spent. Vicarious Visions once again proves they are the indisputable masters when it comes to creating original and entertaining games on the DS, and I can say without a doubt, this is one of the coolest games you will ever play on any handheld system. Admittedly, it takes an add-on device nearly the size of the game system itself to make the game work, but I don't see any 360 and PS3 "heroes" complaining about their guitars.''

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