Xbox One's second Assassin's Creed Unity patch is live, fixes XB1 exclusive glitch

Following in the wake of the PC and PlayStation 4 second patch, the Xbox One received its second patch for Assassin's Creed Unity last night.

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AllAboutGaming2440d ago

Microsoft is paying for exclusive glitches now? Ridiculous! I demand glitch parity!!!

FireProChamp2440d ago

Bubble Up Funny!


The Meerkat2440d ago

Calm down, it was only a timed exclusive.

Sir_Simba2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Those glitches should be multiplats man

this is not fair. If I ever buy the game it better be on PC
I'm pissed off


trywizardo2440d ago

don't worry dude , im sure PC have the most glitches since its only a port from consoles xD

starchild2440d ago

The PC version runs very well for me and I haven't encountered any significant glitches or game breaking bugs. The way people are saying it is a glitchy mess made me assume that it must be a lot worse on consoles, because my PC version feels pretty damn solid.

poppinslops2440d ago

Some people just can't stand the fact that a game runs better on the Xbox...

It's like if you had proof that there is no God - Religious fanatics would do all sorts of junk to discredit and undermine you...

And so here we are; knee-deep in lies and misinformation...