For $140 importer brings MGS4 to Brazil

Synergex announced that "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" already is in the stores of Brazil. The game, launched world-wide in 12 of June, is an exclusive heading for PlayStation 3. The suggested average price is of R$ 229,00 ($140).

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renanbianchi3767d ago

That's the usual price for PS3 games here on Brazil, it just sucks that Sony doesn't recognize our country as a good market.

Synergex sucks at their work, they not even translate the manual, they put a little paper inside with the comands in portuguese, this doesn't justify the absurd price, wich i can buy 2 games on USA for that price.

Shame. I have imported my Limited Edition for just 15 dollars more.

Plus the real problem is the import taxes that our government does, 80%. That's Right 80% the declared value is the tax import, that's just nonsense.

ZeroBlitz3767d ago

No offense, but your country sucks for gaming. I can't see Sony ever making sales over there with charges like that...

Chuck Norris3767d ago

Call to arms and declare independence. Chuck got yo back.

kazuma3767d ago

what kind of crappy news are these?
hey mgs4 is 140$ in a country where u can get mugged in the middle of a crowd and no one does a thing.

Diugu3767d ago

I am Brazilian and you are an ignorant fool.

You are a xenophobic tool and people like you need to stay some more in school to learn that there is more to the world than what you see on the tv and on videogames.

You have absolutely no idea how Brazil is like and you should keep your mouth shut until you get some education.

On topic: Yes.. abusive prices. Too bad our goverment are so heavy on the taxes. Interesting enough... Brazil has a good market for gaming but the prices end up making it impossible to grow (even with such high prices the sales are pretty decent).

kazuma3765d ago

oh rly? that's funny, the exact same thing happened to a friend of mine who went there.

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FwanK3767d ago

Damn! poor... serpente do sólido du nacimento ha ha

xhairs93767d ago

So you mean to tell me for 140$ you can ruin my online experience because of your lag issues? Great.

flOw3767d ago

Don´t worry kid... we'll ruin your online experience for much less than that... =D

mperdomo3767d ago

can i play the Japanese version of MGS 4 on my USA PlayStation 3?

cLiCK_sLiCK93766d ago

PS3 are region free!!

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