Yellow Dog Linux for Playstation 3 Available Today

Today, Terra Soft presented Yellow Dog Linux for the new Playstation 3 gaming console. The version 5.0 of Yellow Dog Linux gives you the feeling of something that invokes calm while at the same time excitement; new, yet almost immediately comfortable. There is a new world of possibility and opportunity for Linux users of all levels of experience, because it now comes with support for the new Sony Computer Entertainment PLAYSTATION 3 and former Apple product line.

Proven world-wide as the preferred Linux OS for the Power architecture, Yellow Dog Linux comes with E17 as the default desktop environment, granting users an exciting desktop experience.

"Yellow Dog Linux combines a minimal interaction graphical installer with support for a wide range of Power architecture hardware, leading (but not bleeding) edge kernels and stable, functional compilers for code development. And of course, the foundation applications and servers expected for web, database, email, and network services." - says Terra Soft.

Yellow Dog Linux comes with 2248 applications available for both beginner and advanced users. Terra Soft created a set of packages installed by default which offer all that you need in order to enjoy your Linux desktop experience...

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shikwan4342d ago

you can install vsrious OS on the PS3 and PRETEND it's a real PC cause the majority GAMES out for it blows chunks.

BTW if it were a real PC, tell me why can't it connect to a network?

Capt CHAOS4342d ago

I'm a 360 owner, laugh at some of the PS3 news.. But really, this is great news for any PS3 owners and for the Linux community.

For me, this is one area that might sell me the console, ok, it'll not make any money for Sony but I'll still have some fun and could get rid of my Linux PC and run off a PS3 instead, though Ram may be an issue.

Brandon4342d ago

where did you read you can't connect to a network ?
the only problem is with wifi driver i think, for now linux have a bad wifi compatibility, but you can easy plug with an ethernet cable

shikwan4342d ago

Chaos, what good is Linux on a 'PC', if that 'PC' is not UPGRADEABLE? You'll forever be bottlenecked with the memory limitations. I'll spend my $600 on BUILDING a Linux box, thank you.

And when I said connect it to a network, I meant with the ability of other network devices to see it/transfer data to it, etc. and the reverse.

Capt CHAOS4341d ago

Yes, I would need a PS3 that was upgradeable in Ram before I thought about putting linux on it..

I think I started typing ahead of my brain. :->>

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calderra4342d ago

PS3 already runs arbitrary OSs out of the box. Save money, and download Linux for free online.

If this version DOES offer anything unique, people will be hacking those bits out and using them to further homebrew OSs.

It's a liiiitle bit too late to be releasing this product, unfortunately.

scriptkiddie4342d ago

If only the PS3 played Great Games. Blue-ray, linux. too bad they don't focus on making a great gaming machine. Like Blue-Ray linux isn't idea for games. I guess for sony it hides the fact that the PS3 is a Blue-Ray player and not a gaming machine

specialguest4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

what kind of silly comment is that? the PS3 is barely out and there's only a handful of games. you can't judge a game system's games by it's luanch titles. games are not made by Sony, it's made by the same developers who are making games for other consoles.

the PS3 is only a blu-ray player? how stupid is that comment. so you're saying game developers are not making games for the PS3? see, some quotes were not meant to be taken literally, but it's silly how some kids convince themselves that it is literal, even though games are being released by the weeks and months.

i personally don't care about console wars, but it's stupid cliche comments like yours that annoys me.

Reed-4341d ago

Should i download this if i dont know anything about linux?

Bebedora4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

I think yo should try Ubuntu Linux instead of YDL 5.0 if you are new, since Ubuntu Linux is coming with a special PS3 variant and is geared towards newcomers.

And shikwan: linux is a network and serveroperative system since birth. Just the last 4 years has it grown to be a great Desktop as well. I can connect that PS3 to my Windows PC. Just with ftp-server running on the PS3/Linux OS is a way. Or I can use ssh or samba. I guess there's more ways. But if you think linux is a limping dog, you are way off.
One more thing, can you spell: 64 GB memory limit on a x86 architecture?

shikwan4340d ago

Last I checked, i said the PS3--not Linux, as being unable to be utilized as a client on a network. If you have Linux running on your PS3 AND it's connected to a network, I'd be real interested to see/hear more about it.

One more thing, can you READ: PS3 has 256MB RAM that is NOT UPGRADEABLE.