A farewell letter to Bill Gates

Techradar writes:

Dear Bill,

We know that we've had a rather strange relationship over the years – sometimes you may even have wondered why we were being quite so hostile to you and your Microsoft friends.

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TrevorPhillips3862d ago

were gonna miss you bill u were the man :(

bootsielon3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Call me when he becomes a hard working middle class citizen in order to help the world's needy. Until then...


You call me stupid fanboy when I'm raising a perfectly valid point. If you have 40 billion dollars and you give away 30 billion, you're still left with 10 billion. Is that really philanthropic? Sure he's helping, but he doesn't need more than a few million dollars to live good. If he cares so much about the population. What he is doing is respectable, but in no way honorable. Ghandi, Mother Teresa and lots of other people have been way closer to the ideal of philanthropy than Bill Gates will ever be. Philanthropy if he actually gives up most of what he has for a modest life, otherwise Bill will be just another rich man that was looking for a plaque with his name and that gave just peanuts of his huge cash mountain. Respectable, but in no way honorable.

Before calling someone a stupid fanboy, at least look in the mirror if you can't think before reacting.

OOG3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

man stop being a stupid fanboy....this guy has donated more money then probably anyone ever and has helped develop huge donation groups that have raised billions upon billions to help this world

more then you can say for anyone else out there.....all your doing is polluting a site with your crap

* this is just for you tool

First off look in the mirror for what...ive defended the ps3 and the 360 b4 hell even the wii so I dont see what your trying to achieve...

Next is that he might be worth 50 billion but most of that is in his companys stocks you dumb fool....and why would he sell his stocks on the company he owns??? You can do more if you have more money...If you were to give all of your money away right away it will never do as much as it could if you do it in increments....its called investing your money....he will be able to invest a lot more money because he has a lot more money to invest and he can gaurantee the money is used properly and not blown.....

I could keep going but honestly I dont know why I bothered responding to you in the first place since your posts tend to make you look like a 5 year old child.....

yamamoto1143861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Face it. Mother Teresa and Ghandi are nigh impossible to beat when it comes to philanthropist ideals. Saying that they're superior to him in terms of philanthropy is not only stating a clear obvious, it's also like saying "you aren't a philanthropist until you rise to their level". It's a moot point.

Besides, at least he didn't whore ALL of his money to himself. I doubt there are many rich people out there who are more than willing to donate 75% of their estate to the people who need it most. It's not easy to give away money you've worked very hard for.

To make another point, people who live a "modest life" are not in a position to make vast amounts of money. Bill Gates gives to the world via monetary value. If he gave all of it away once, he can never do it again. Or, more correctly, it would be EXTREMELY difficult.

Because of his money, Bill Gates is in a position of great power, which he uses mostly for the greater good. He maintains his power by keeping a large fraction of his fortune, so that it can perpetuate itself into MORE money for him to give away. You are a fool if you think it is prudent to give 99.999~ percent of your vast fortune away and live a "modest life". If I had 40 billion dollars, I would not send 39 billion of it away. I would sign 20 billion of it away, and invest a majority of the other 20 billion so it can turn itself into 40 billion again. Then I could continuously give 20 billion away periodically.

It may not be that simple on the surface, but with a strong economy, a little bit of luck, and a LOT of intelligence, money could exponentially increase.

OOG3861d ago

Thank you for that post...exactly what I was trying to get across bubbles up for you....

JRaptor3861d ago

Yes, Mother Theresa and Gandhi were great philanthropists. But part of the reason they are so well recognised is the hands-on, personal approach that they took.
Bill Gates' approach is much different in that he is looking at problems from a much larger perspective. Rather than just trying to help individual cases as they appear, like many of those $1 a day donation type funds for third-world countries, Gates is using his money to implement changes on a broader scale.
This may not make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (like many of those personal accounts of a single child receiving help), but instead address many underlying causes and other interventions that will bring a much larger and sustainable benefit. Many of these include research into vaccines, sanitation and agriculture.

Basically, my point is that his philanthropy is focused on solving a problem, rather than making personal sacrifices which may make little difference to the beneficiaries of his philanthropy.
Often, making personal sacrifices is more of a personal growth thing rather than actually helping the greater good.

kewlkat0073861d ago

What happened to bootsielon? Even though you hate MS and love your PS3 things were never that delusional.

If you cannot see what this guy does...He is also investing money in research and tech to come up ways to grow better crops and farming in parts of Africa.

Yeah no ones perfect and Bill is no Moses but jealousy will not get you anywhere..just more bitterness.

juuken3861d ago

bootsielon, I have to agree with these guys here as well. Without Bill Gates, MS wouldn't have formed. I have to give the man some credit, even though he's not a saint.

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DanB913861d ago

I'd rather have him as CEO than Steve "Developers, Developers" Ballmer. I can see the MS empire starting to crumble in the future......

angrymouse3861d ago

The world need more people like him.

sak5003861d ago

Great man and a genius, a visionary, almost single handidly changed the way we do our work, communicate, entertain ourselves etc.

DX F3NIX3861d ago

very true i wish him the best. and billy boy whenever you get bored drop by my crib so we can play some gow.

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