Jolt Uk reviews Crisis Core

Jolt reports:

''Enough's enough, Square-Enix. The horse has been dead for a decade now, stop flogging it. Just do what 10 million gamers demand and remake Final Fantasy VII; stop taunting us with more movies, games, action figures and limited edition Aeris-branded knickers before we get sick of waiting. You're remaking everything else in your back catalogue and even producing spin-offs for games that aren't out yet, so why not your most beloved game of all?

All that's beside the point though, as Square's fourth revisit to the world of Gaia has finally arrived for the PSP in Europe. Crisis Core is a prequel to VII, taking place before the events of the PSone game – unlike the disappointing Dirge of Cerberus or the graphically splendiferous Advent Children – and just slightly earlier than the Japan-only mobile phone prequel, Before Crisis. That's quite a lot of Final Fantasy VII already, but is Crisis Core a truly useful and worthwhile addition to the series?

Set seven years before the events of the original game, Crisis Core revolves around the antics of the sadly doomed Zack Fair, 2nd class member of SOLDIER and spiky black-haired friend that haunted Cloud during Final Fantasy VII. Guided by his mentor Angeal (the original owner of the Cloud's Buster Sword), Zack's aiming to become a 1st and a true hero, and he gets a chance to prove himself when Shinra dispatches SOLDIER to quell the continent of Wutai's rebellion.''

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