Dragon Age: Inquisition Review [RPG Site]

RPG Site Writes: "By offering such a breadth of content and then giving the player great freedom, Bioware greatly risks overwhelming many players - but that risky scattershot approach has, I feel, paid off here. If you're the type of player who loves that kind of freedom, however, you're in for an incredible treat. It's certainly the best Dragon Age has ever been."

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Mister_Audrey2204d ago

RPG site didn't give it a perfect score. It's clearly a flop.

FullmetalRoyale2204d ago

Thirty-one minutes.


fenome2204d ago

T-minus 8 minutes and counting...can't wait to get my hands on this one!!

MookaTek2204d ago

I'm leaving for Walmart in a few minutes to get a big ass sandwich and this game. I'll eat the big ass sandwich while I wait for it to install.