Super Street Fighter II HD beta: borked, but fun (Joystiq Preview)

Joystiq: Let's get something out of the way right off: We actually bought Commando 3: Wolf of the Battlefield to play it. The fact that the purchase also got us into the beta for the "HD remix" of Super Street Fighter II Turbo? Icing on the retro-remake cake.

We downloaded the SSFIIRHDR beta just as soon as it went live yesterday and ... promptly had our 360s freeze up on us when we tried to set up a basic match. Not exactly a great first impression. But, it is a beta, after all. And certainly not the sort of marketing-driven "betas" we've become used to. This one is the real-deal, bugs and all. But it's also a lot of fun once you get past them. (We have some tips on that, as well as our full thoughts on the beta, after the break.)

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